Feb 9, 2012

My Growing Home Garden

Organic, Organic, Organic is the today's Buzz every where and in every product from Food, Vegetables, Eggs, Clothes to Cleaning Products. In olden days, every body used to grow their own vegetables in their gardens. And they grow them using natural food and minerals like home grown compost etc or with less usage of chemicals. As the saying 'Old is Gold' is always true, we are realizing these days some of our ancestors ideas and implementing them by tagging some kind of  buzz words like 'Organic', 'Go Green', 'Natural' etc  to attract this generation crowd.

I always cherish the freshly grown vegetables and greens,  I always wanted to explore the charms of Farmers Market, but that was a disappointment in DFW area. I have been to some, but the dried greens and very less selection of vegetables didn't welcome me that much. I have started my own garden in the backyard in my Frisco home, but due to excess Dallas Heat that didn't fly as well. I have grown only Tomatoes, Chilies, and Egg Plants. I always envy Californians in that matter, as I heard very good things about their Farmers Market Experience.  But when I went to Hawaii and explored the Farmers Market, i felt like i found the Farmers Market that I always imagined.  Now again it's second opportunity to witness such thing here in Bangalore. This tropical Bangalore weather not only perfect for my soul but for my garden. 

Now I am able to grow lot of vegetables that i always wanted to in the backyard including Kitchen Herbs. Here are some of growing garden pictures and tips to grow them.

The goodness of Homegrown Cluster Tomatoes you can find only in your Curries, Rich Gravies, Soups and Sauces. These are very sour in taste and rich in color making my curries flavorful and colorful.
Homegrown Cluster Tomatoes 

Some Tips to grow Tomatoes: 

  • Don't make your tomato plants touch the ground. When they grow little big they always bend and touch the ground. 
  • Always support them with rounded or triangular stand, which gives them enough space to grow with out bending. 
  • Don't water them heavily, they need moderate water supply and enough sun. 
  • Always trim the stem that grows in between main stem and side stem. 

Spring Onions:
I have grown these spring onions not intentionally. One day I bought a bunch of Spring Onions and that has very thick roots. After trimming the Spring Onions, I have just dropped these Roots in the soil. And in the next few days, I have seen them grown to 2 inch high. Then, I have separated the bulbs and planted firmly in the soil. With in 10 days, the spears shoot up this High, Beautiful!!!! Now, When ever I make Fried Rice or Noodles, I can rely on these herbs.

  • Separate every bulb and plant them with 2 inch space in between.
  • Make sure you water them regularly and enough sun is there for at least 2 hours daily.
  • When you need to pick the harvest, cut them at the bottom ( with scissors), and next you will see them growing again. 
  • I think you can grow them in pots as well. 
Green Chilies:
I just planted the Red Chili seeds in the pot. The baby plants grew in a week. After that you can spread them with even distance and plant them nice and firm in the soil. I think it will take 30 to 45 days to get the harvest of Green Chilies.

Green Beans:
We just planted the Green Bean Seeds with even distance in the soil. It just took 3 days to see the baby leaves for these plants. Compare to other plants the growth in these plants is very high. May be the Present Winter Weather also coopering for their growth.

It is always good to grow the Mint in the pot, because of their spreading roots.  I used put it in the soil, and these roots used spread very fast stopping the growth for other plants near by in the garden. So make sure you always grow it in the pot. The only thing is you need to remember to water it regularly. This is the only herb that even grows in the severe winter with out dying. If you don't like to remember to water it, then put in the pot and leave in your garden in one corner, the sprinklers will take care of watering it and roots won't grow out of that pot. Making your Omelets savory with the addition of Mint is easy, when you grow this power herb in your garden.

When I bought a fresh bunch of Spinach from farmers market here, I have saved the Roots, and planted them in the soil. In a Week I have seen the fresh spinach in my garden. I have tried planting spinach Seeds several times before, but never got lucky with the seeds. These fresh home grown baby spinach leaves will be nice addition to your salads.

You  can easily grow Amaranth (Thotakura) by sowing the Amaranth Seeds. In USA, You can find Amaranth Seeds in farmers markets or Whole Foods shops. I have found these Sprouts Market in Frisco. These are best to grow in pots. 
Amaranth (Thotakura)

Methi Leaves:
Once you start using the Methi Leaves from your garden, you will get addictive to grow them in your garden. Because these are so easy to grow, and you can grow them with methi seeds which are readily available in every small store. These need very less maintenance, moderate water and sun is required. These can be grown in pots or soil. But I felt, these grow best and fast in the soil than in the pots. After sowing the seeds with in 7  to 10 days, they will be ready for harvesting. You have to pluck these with roots. After one harvest is done you have to sow the seeds for next harvest. These days I stopped buying Methi leaves from store, Why should I? When I have abundant in my garden. :-)

Coriander Leaves:
I have tried growing Coriander in my garden but not successful.  I have tried with coriander seeds and with roots, but was not able to grow these herbs in my garden. Please share some tips if you know how to grow Coriander easily. If i get lucky then I will update you as well.  :-)

It is such a nice feeling, that when you cook with the vegetables that are grown in your garden. They are not only fresh and but full in nutrients and readily available for you.  If you have some garden tips, please share with me. 

Have Fun and next I will come with some Nice Recipe.
until then Take care and Ba Bye


  1. Voww!!!!such a luvly garden...
    i remembered my childhood.....at once....

  2. Wow these are lovely.
    Growing coriander is very tricky dear do not feel sorry.
    Papa had once made me rub the seed down with a chappal so that they split then sow them.I do not remember the outcome of this experiment.
    If I may recount old wives tales when the coriander grows you shift house. :D
    Enjoy Mythreyi!

  3. Soak the coriander seeds for 24 hours and before planting in the soil just crush them between your hands. You should see the germination in a day or two.



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