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Besan Broccoli Stir-Fry ~ Under 15 Minutes

Today I am bringing you the quickest magical recipe made with Broccoli, I have tried several recipes with Broccoli, by far this is the bestest that it not only gets ready in jiffy but you can serve this with Rice or Roti or even eat as it is as a snack! That's how good this is, I am totally devouring, added this to my few minute wonders recipe checklist. Here is the recipe, Njoy! 

Besan Broccoli Fry


Brocoli Florets - 2 cups

Besan Flour (Gram Flour/Chickpea Flour) - 1 cup

Salt - 1 tsp

Red Chili Powder - 2 tsp

Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp

Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp (Optional)

Oil - 2 Tbsp

Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp

Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tsp

Preparatory Steps:

  1. Wash and Drain Broccoli florets and keep them in wide plate
  2. Mix Besan flour with salt and spices in a small bowl until combined well and keep it aside.


  1. Heat non-stick pan on, add Oil to it. Once the oil is hot add cumin seeds and mustard seeds. Wait for 2 min and let them splutter. 
  2. Add washed broccoli florets to the pan. Cover with the lid and steam/slow cook for 5 min. 
  3. After 5 min you see florets are wilted and shrink in size. Now add the Besan flour and spice mix. Mix gently until all florets are coated well. Close lid and cook for another 5 min. 
  4. After 5 min, you will notice all the Besan is cooked and coated well to florets (all the raw smell of besan should be gone by now)
  5. Now cook open ( with out closing lid) on high flame for 2 min. Switch off the stove and let it sit on for 5 min and then serve warm with White Rice or Roti/Paratha. 

It's ready under 15 min! Ta daaaa!

Will be back with another easy and quick recipe, Until then

Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy


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BellPepper & Mushroom Grilled Panini Sandwiches

I have recently ventured into these Veggie Panini Sandwiches not knowing they could become family favorite and could be a super hit on the dinner table or on the road trip. I always loved the Bell Pepper and Onion filling that Charley Phili Steaks use in their Sub Sandwiches, I always ask for that just that filling to make a veggie sandwich out of it from their store. They are so goood, if you haven't tried yet, you gotta give it a try! However one day I have replaced their steak with Mushrooms and copy cat (aka inspired by ;-)) their Sub and converted into Veggie Panini Sandwich, and Boy, that was a super hit and turned into super delicious. Since then Bell Peppers and Mushrooms have become regular staples on my grocery list. Here is the recipe for you, Njoy!


Bell Pepper - 1

Mushrooms - 10 to 15 or small package ( Baby Bella Mushrooms are preferred)

Onion - 1 medim

Multigrain Bread Slices - 10 (any bread of your choice will work, pick ThickSlice Bread)

Cheese - 2 cups

PAM or OilSpray - to spray on Panini Griddles


Pink salt 

Black Pepper - freshly ground

Crushed Red Pepper

Gadgets - Panini Sandwich Maker is preferred to get nice char effects, if not these can be made on stove top too

*yields - 5 Sandwiches

Preparatory Steps:

  1. Clean and wash Bell Pepper, remove stem and remove the seeds & membranes inside. Chop into thin slices of 2 1 in length
  2. Remove and trim edges of Onion, wash in water, thinly slice them into 1 inch length
  3. For Mushroom, remove the stems at the bottom and clean the mushrooms with wet kitchen towel to remove any dirt on top. (DO NOT wash mushrooms, they become soggy quickly when you saute). Chop mushrooms into thin slices.


  1. Heat a non-stick pan on stove and once hot, add 1 tsp of oil and saute the BellPeppers first until they wilted slightly and should be still crunchy. Add lil bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper. (it enhances bell peppers taste), transfer peppers to a plate
  2. In the same pan, now saute onion slices, until they turn slightly browned and caramelized; Transfer these to a plate
  3. Now Finally saute the mushroom in the same pan, they ooze some water, let them simmer until they become slightly dry, add salt and crushed red pepper flakes (that enhances mushroom taste), transfer to plate.
  4. Switch off the stove, now you are ready to grill.
  5. Start the Panini Grill and spray with PAM or oil generously
  6. First keep the 2 bread slices on grill and toast slightly, then reverse them, on one bread slice add mixture of sautéed onion, bell pepper and mushroom, sprinkle with 1 - 2 TBSP of cheese, top with another bread slice that is already toasted. Press hard and cook for 1-2 min on grill, until the cheese melts. Now remove the Panini Sandwich from Panini grill, cut them diagonally or in 4 squares and serve right away when cheese is smothered and melted. 
  7. Repeat the process until you are done with making all the sandwiches.  

Packed and ready for Road Trip!


  • Today i still have some stuffing left and I am out of bread, so i have used the Tortillas instead that are handy, and they turned into a good looking Quesadillas that are approved by kids. 
  • These will be perfect for Roadtrips and/or picnics; and a great veggie finger food for game parties too.  
Made this Grilled Panini Basket for SuperBowl 2021! GoBucs!

Hope you have enjoyed this quick magical and kids friendly recipe, will be back with another interesting one soon Until then take care!

Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy!


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Veg & Egg Puffs ~ Kids Corner

When I was a kid Puff is an exotic snack, matter of fact any bakery items are like that, since these can't happen at home like any other regular snack or deep fried snack. But Thanks to this country (US) where Oven is default gadget in the kitchen and any bakery items can be made in jiffy with less effort. So recently when our cousin came to US for studies and visited us, I made these Veg Puffs possible when he mentioned he is craving for those. He astonished with thought itself that Puffs can be home made and later thrilled how easy it was to make once you have Puff Pastry Sheets at hand, and very happy at the end how tasty they turned out. ( yeah we got him trained on how to make best Puffs!;-)). Usually these are very addictive for me, that's why i don't keep these Pastry Sheets handy, otherwise I will eat more than my kids. Though it is quick and easy snack, it is little on the high calorie side, Kids can handle it well as they are at growing age, for grown-ups watch out for calorie intake and limit with at most 1 or 2 in a batch. I have to warn you because these are so addictive. Here is the recipe, Njoy!


Puff Pastry Sheets - 2 (I always use Pepperidge Farm Brand)

Potato Filling - 1 cup

Boiled Eggs - 2 ( 4 - halves)

*yields - 10 Puffs


Thaw the pastry sheets for about 1 hour

Cut each boiled egg into half, you will have 4 halves

Before they go in Oven, notice the ridge effect!


  1. Unfold the pastry sheets cut into equal pieces (each pastry sheet you will get about 5 puffs)
  2. On each puff sheet, place potato filling on one side and fold it with other side so that they are closed like book. Seal the edges by pressing with fork, it gives nice ridge effect. 
  3. Use Egg halves (facing Yellow/Yolk part down side) as filling in some sheets and repeat the process until all sheets are done
  4. Heat Oven to 400 F, arrange the prepared Puffs on Baking Sheet. 
  5. Once oven is pre-heated, bake Puffs for about 15 to 17 min. (watch out the last 2 min to avoid any burns or over baking)
  6. Once oven is done Ta daaa, Hot Veg  and Egg Puffs are Ready to be served. Serve as it is and with some ketch-up on the side.
Hot and Tasty Puffs Ready!


  1. Thawing the pastry sheets is the only critical step you need to remember (so plan accordingly). Keep the sheets at room temperature to thaw at noon, in case you are making these as evening snack. 
  2. To save time, I keep Potatoes and Eggs in Pot in Pot, in Insta Pot, Pressure Cook mode for 10 min, so that boiling can be done at once.
  3. Optionally You can apply egg wash on each of the Puff before it goes to Oven to get nice char effects on top (just like the bakery ones)
  4. If you want to experiment more, having less puff sheet and more filling, then you can use half of the sheet, place filling in the middle and fold the sheet on four corners. it looks like a flower shape. 
  5. Or you can keep the filling one side of big pastry sheet (with out cutting into small pieces) and fold and roll like a log, cut the log into circles and bake. You will get like pin wheel shape snack.  (for this shape, baking 14 to 15 min is enough, otherwise they get burnt)
Puffs experimented in many forms! :-) ( Flowers and PinWheels shape in one plate)

Hope you have enjoyed this Yummy and Exotic Snack Recipe, 
Will be back with another one soon
Until then Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy

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Potato Stuffing for Puffs and Parathas

Today I am brining you an easy peasy potato stuffing recipe, that you could use in Puffs, Paratha or in Masala Dosas for filling, or you can make samosa with it too, if you want to take it to next level. I make this stuffing once a week and will keep it handy to make any snacks out of it for kids in jiffy. Mostly i have used this in Veg Puffs, those are my kids favorite! 


Potato - 3 medium

Oil - 2 Tbsp

Salt - 1 tsp

Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp

Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp

Amchur Powder - 1/2 tsp

Green peas - 1/4 cup (frozen, optional)


  1. Boil Whole Potatoes in Insta Pot (Pressure Cook mode, for 10 min). Or Alternatively you can boil directly on stove or in pressure cooker for 10 to 15 min. 
  2. Once they are boiled, Peel the Potatoes and smash the potatoes with wide spatula/fork or potato masher and keep it side.
  3. Heat non-stick pan and add oil to it. Once oil is hot, add salt and spices given above, let the oil infuse with these spices for 1 min.
  4. Add mashed potatoes to the pan and mix well with spices, until potatoes are coated (and color changed) and comes together as stuffing. 
  5. In case you are using Peas, add the thawed Peas to the pan and mix well with stuffing. 
  6. That's all, Potato Stuffing is ready, now you can use it in any snacks or other dishes you want. 

Other Related Recipes:

Aloo Paratha

Will be back with another submissive recipe,  until then

Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy!


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Spicy Gutti Vankaya - Andhra Style

There is a deep justifying reason for Brinjal to be called as King of Vegetables, because you can make so many variations and varieties with this vegetable and every version gives a new perception to this vegetable. My love for this vegetable never stops, only grows as I explore and try many recipes with it. Today I am craving for a spicy version of Gutti Vankaya and settled with Andhra Style recipe, that won my family's taste buds. Even My daughter (youngest in family) approved this recipe, it is lil spicy for her, but she loved the flavors and asked for many servings (made mama so proud). Here is the recipe, Njoy!


Gutti Vankaya (Small Baby Eggplants) - 15

Onion - 1 large

Oil - 3 Tbsp

Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp

Salt - 2 tsp ( per taste)

Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp

Red Chili Powder - 1/2 tsp

Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 Tbsp

Stuffing Masala Ingredients:

Peanuts - 1 cup

Coriander Seeds - 2 Tbsp

Dry Coconut Flakes - 5 strings (or 2 Tbsp)

Cinnamon - 1 inch stick

Clove -  2

Red Chili Whole - 7

Sesame Seeds - 1/4 cup

Poppy Seeds - 2 Tbsp

Salt - 1 tsp

Stuffing Masala Preparation:

  1. First dry roast peanuts and set aside. In same pan dry roast coriander along with cinnamon, clove and at the end add dry coconut flakes or coconut powder, roast slightly for 1min, keep them aside in a plate
  2. Dry roast red chili for 1 to 2 min in a pan and keep them aside. In the same pan add sesame seeds and poppy seeds and roast for 1 min. ( be careful and watch out, sesame seeds can quickly burn out)
  3. Let all these roasted ingredients cool for 5 min. Then grind all of these in mixie jar until it becomes fine powder. Add salt to this powder and mix it well
Stuffed Brinjal Preparation:

  1. Wash eggplants, trim edges and make 2 slits at the bottom that makes into 4 sections, add these to warm water with salt in it. 
  2. Stuff the masala in baby egg plants and press firmly in between palms, that helps to seal the masala inside. keep aside in a wide plate. 


  1. Take a heavy bottomed wide pan and heat on stove. Add 2 Tbsp oil to it. Once oil is hot, add cumin seed, as they splutter, add chopped onion and saute for 2 to 3 min, until onion caramelizes. 
  2. Add ginger garlic paste and mix with onion and cook for 2 min (until the raw smell goes away)
  3. Add salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder to onion mix; close the lid and cook on slow heat until onion mix come together (for 5 min)
  4. Add Stuffed Eggplants to pan (arrange them carefully in pan) and cook for 10 min on slow heat by closing lid.
  5. After 10 min, you notice eggplants change color and tend to become soft, turn over each eggplant carefully allowing them to cook on other side and cook for 5 min.
  6. Add remaining stuffing masala in 1 glass of water, add water to pan on top of egg plats. change the heat to medium, close lid and cook/simmer for 10 min.
  7. After 10 min, gravy comes together and egg plants are cooked fully becoming soft, taste and adjust any salt according to your taste
  8. Top with Cilantro, switch off the heat, let the pan stay on stove for 10 min; when you are ready to eat, then serve warm along with white rice and enjoy the spicy flavors in this Andhra Style Curry!
Gutti Vankaya steals the show on Dinner Table any day! :-)

There are several other Gutti Vankaya Recipes in my space that may want to explore:

Happy New Year to you all! Sending a bid farewell to 2020, as human kind faced many challenges, will be a history for sure,  Welcoming 2021 with new hope and aspirations. 

Will be back with another regional recipe, Take care until then!
Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy!

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