Oct 18, 2014

DIY - Rosemary Oil

I am crazy for herbs, bcoz they are the small things that comes with great flavor and aroma. Herbs are very expensive to buy, hence it is very economical to grow them in your garden and also they will be quiet handy when you are in need. I have always grown Mint in my garden, since then I have a wish to have elaborated Herb Garden, they give nice aroma if you plant them near your sit out or patio etc. Slowly I have added Italian Basil, Thai Basil to my Herb Garden Collection. Basil is one variety it sustains and survives well, but you have to plant in every spring. I have tried Rosemary and Oregano this year, came to know that Oregano is very sensitive but on the other hand Rosemary is very rough and tough herb. Once you have planted it lasts forever surviving all seasons and stands still in all weather conditions.

Homemade Rosemary Oil

I know and have tried very few recipes that use Rosemary but those few are STAR recipes with the rosemary infused flavor. One is Rosemary Potatoes and Roasted Chicken or Turkey infused with Rosemary spices. Both recipes have subtle rosemary flavor and they taste delicious. So as I know only few recipes, I need to put good use for abundant rosemary that is growing in my garden.

These days I have been hearing a lot about the significance of Rosemary Oil in the health and beauty products, esp in hair treatment products. So  i have looked for some recipes and ideas to make Rosemary Oil, that search resulted in this Homemade Rosemary Oil. I have made one batch with it, it is so simple to make it, I have started using it for my hair and my daughters. All you have to do is Massage your hair with Rosemary Oil at the roots every time before you wash your hair. That gives lot of shining to your hair and makes it strong. Apart from using it for your hair, you can use Rosemary Oil for massage and in Aromatherapy. You can use Rosemary Oil in Italian Cooking and for some chicken recipes. But I suggest to make separate portions for each purpose and store them separately.
Homemade Rosemary Oil becomes nice Holiday Gift for your family and friends for upcoming holidays. Here comes the recipe, Njoy!

Rosemary Leaves - 1 cup
Olive Oil - 1 Cup

Things you need:
Mortar and Pestal
Mason Jar ( or Air tight container)

  • Cut the Rosemary strands into pieces. You can leave the stems, the leaves are little thorny, I suggest to use gloves. 
  • In Mortar crush the leaves roughly along with their stems. 
  • Take a clean Mason Jar and dry it with towel ( if should not have any moisture in it). First place the crushed Rosemary Strands and pour a cup of Oil in it.

  • Secure the Jar with tight lid and store it in the window sill for 2 days where sun light comes. Then store in the dark place for 15 days.

  • After 15 days you will notice the Rosemary gets dried in the Jar, Strain the oil squeeze the Rosemary to get all the thick extracts from it. Discard the dried Rosemary and dry extracts.

  • Now Store the oil in separate jar and use it daily in your bath or for your body massage or for your hair.

Homemade Rosemary Oil

  • Some recipes stated to boil the oil with Rosemary, but i preferred sun dried method as it is natural procedure.  

As there is more Rosemary in my garden I am looking for other ideas with Rosemary as well, if you have any ideas please do share with me!

see you next time,
until then take care

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