Jan 27, 2013

Roasted Vegetable Soup (Low Calorie Recipes)

This is one of my recent pins on Favorite Recipes to Try. Since i saw this beautiful and bright color of this soup I couldn't take off my eyes on it and I was craving to make this soup to make it my own. This is totally different from any other vegetable soup and roasting of the vegetables will give a new style and flavor making it unique. I have used the base idea from this recipe and adapted to my style by adding more vegetables and spices. The vegetables used in this recipe ( Carrot, Sweet Potato, Red Pepper) are semi sweet and the roasting process will give the caramelizing effect enhancing the sweet flavors of these vegetables. Fiber rich pulpy Eggplant will add the creaminess, garlic adds lot of flavor while cilantro gives the herby touch making this soup complete. I have used some Indian Spices to tickle our Indian taste buds, if you can not handle it you can go low on the amounts that are used here. But the spices used here are mild, i promise it won't make you cry... :-)!!!

Roasted Vegetable Soup
This recipe is a little time taking and lengthy process, bu the good news is all the pain lies in waiting and being patient but not making you do extra work in cooking. I hope that's a sweet pain you can handle and I promise all the wait is worthwhile and you will agree when you taste a spoonful of this wonderful soup at the end. This is a keeper recipe and will happen for Sunday Suppers in my kitchen from now-on. Here is the recipe, NjoY!

Recipe Source: SeaSaltWithFood

Red Bell Pepper - 2 ( big)
Roma Tomato - 3
Chinese Egg Plant - 1( long) or 2 medium
Sweet Potato - 1
Carrot - 1
Onion - 1
Garlic - 10 cloves
Cilantro - 1/3 cup
salt - 2 tsp
Black Pepper - 1 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
Paprika - 2 tsp
sugar - 1 tsp
Water - 3 Cups
Oil - 1 Tbsp

Preparatory Steps:
  • Wash and Pat dry all the Vegetables
  • Trim the Red Peppers remove the stems and de-seed and cut them into half ( length wise). Chop the Tomatoes into Half ( length wise).
  • Cut the eggplant length wise and Cover the Eggplant in Aluminium Foil. Cover the Garlic in Aluminium Foil.
  • Peel the Carrot and cut into 1 inch length long sticks. Quarter the Sweet Potato ( leaving the skin on)
  • Remove the peel and Quarter the Onion.

  1. Pre-Heat the oven to 400 F
  2. Take a roasting pan and arrange all the vegetables in the Pan. Make sure Red peppers and Tomatoes are skin facing up.Bake the vegetables for 40 min
  3. Take the vegetables out of the oven and cover the Red Bell Peppers in a bowl with plastic wrap and leave them for 5 min allowing them to cool.
  4. Remove the Egg Plant from Foil, Roast in the oven again for 15 min. 
  5. Take a Large stock pot and add Oil to it.start adding the roasted vegetables to the pot in the order  Onion, Carrot, Garlic. Remove the Skins from Red Pepper, Tomato, Sweet Potato and add these to the pan.
  6. Reserve the juices from the Roasting Pan and add them to the pot after 5 min.
  7. Remove the Egg Plant from oven and let it cool and remove the skin, add the pulp to the pot.
  8. Add 1 tsp of salt, Paprika, coriander powder and let the vegetables simmer with spices.
  9. Add 1 Cup of water, add sugar,  followed by Cilantro and let it simmer on low until the soup becomes thick.
  10. Taste and Adjust the seasonings, switch off the stove and let it cool for 10 min.
  11. Grind this in Mixie or Blender until it becomes like thick puree by adding 1 cup of water.
  12. Return this to the stock pot again and slowly simmer it by adding 1 cup of water. 
  13. Now add remaining salt and freshly grind black pepper and leave it on high for 5 min. and switch off the stove. 
Now the Beautiful Looking, Bright Colored, Creamy and Comforting Soup is ready which is low in calories and with a great flavor. Is there anything more you should ask to meet that new year resolution of loosing weight? Yes one thing, another serving of this soup!!!! :-)

  • To avoid preservatives and sodium I have used water in this recipe which can be replaced  by vegetable broth. 
  • While grinding you may have to grind in batches ( in medium amounts) to avoid the spills from the mixie jar.
  •  Instead of Coriander Powder you can add Curry Powder if it's handy
  • Serve this soup as it is or with the slice of Crispy Bread or Bread Crust.

will be back with some more comforting recipes...
until then take care...


  1. Hi mythreyi the soups looks very inviting.Never tried eggplant in soups.Will try .

  2. Hi Mythreyi is the green bell pepper tastes good instead of red bell pepper.

    1. I don't think so Vineela! Red Bell Pepper has sweet flavor than Green Bell Pepper, which adds lot of flavor for this soup... If you don't find Red Bell Pepper, you can add more sweet potatoes and add 2 red dried chili while simmering and grinding. that can yield mild spicy and sweet flavor. Eggplant added lot of creaminess to this soup. This will give same taste as our Vankaya Pachi Pulusu or Roasted Eggplant Baji...!!

  3. love this .. very flavourful and inviting soup

  4. Healthy and delicious soup.. Perfect for the weather..

  5. simply mouth watering dear,.... yummy attempt

  6. WOW! it looks colorful and yummy. Nice clix :)

  7. Will definitely keeps me warm, comforting soup.



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