Mar 12, 2023

DIY - Rosemary Hibiscus Coconut Oil (for Hair Nourshing)

During my childhood I have witnessed, Hibiscus playing vital role as part of natural Hair Care remedies. My Grand ma used to mix Hibiscus Leaves with Soapnut water (Kunkundu Kaya Rasam in Telugu), which was a natural Shampoo in those days. Mom used to make Hibiscus flower infused Hair Oil, that helps with hair growth, strong roots and replenish the hair. As my patio garden showered many Hibiscus flowers last year, after making fresh Hibiscus Herbal Tea, i have dried few flowers and saved, those came in handy to make this DIY - Rosemary Hibiscus Coconut Oil. As I love the smell of Rosemary herb and and it is known as good natural hair care agent, i have enhanced my mom's Hibiscus Coconut Oil recipe infused with Rosemary flavor. Here is the recipe, enjoy!


Coconut Oil - 2 cups

Hibiscus Flowers - 6 to 8 (dried, red color is preferred)

Rosemary Strands - 5 to 6 (3 inch stems)


  1. Take Coconut Oil in a steal pot ( with heavy bottom). Keep it on the stove on low heat.
  2. Add rosemary strands in the oil, simmer for 2 min
  3. Add dried hibiscus flowers or petals to the oil and simmer for 2 min
  4. Increase the heat to medium, boil for 3 min, by now you will notice the oil color changing
  5. Switch off the stove, close the lid for 5 min, to let it cool off
  6. Then strain into a wide mouth vessel with a strainer to remove all the hibiscus and rosemary strands
  7. Carefully pour into a glass bottle and store in the dark place
  8. Apply this oil to your hair weekly once, leave it for 1 hour, then wash your hair. (this routine helps to nourish your hair). 
  1. Only Red Color Hibiscus Flowers are preferred for this recipe
  2. Coconut Oil i have used in this recipe, i got from our beloved Costco. :-)
  3. You can reuse the soy-sauce glass bottles to store oils like these (reminder to reduce, reuse, recycle policy)
Here is the Video Recipe:

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will be back with another DIY recipe, 
Until then take care, Keep Smiling and Spread the joy

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