Apr 4, 2023

AshGourd Juice ~ Fresh Juices

Ash Gourd  Juice has become popular lately, as people are getting the awareness around the medical benefits of this wonder fruit. I have heard this from Sadguru talks first and then from my mom, and from my cousin. So after convinced with these medical benefits, i have decided to attempt to make this powerful Juice that is full of medicinal values. After making it and tasting it, it is so easy to make and tastes good. Ok, don't expect it to be taste like Sugarcane Juice, but it is not as bad as Karela (BitterGourd) juice either. Actually it didn't have strong taste or flavor. This looks/tastes as cool as coconut water, but gives the twice energy boost that is equivalent to coffee, while keeping you calm (with out making you hyper or excited as Coffee does to you). :-)

The hardest part in this recipe is peeling and chopping the AshGourd. AshGourd is thick and looks tough from outside, it won't be encouraging to process it quickly. If you just make an attempt with chopping, it is very easy and piece of a cake. (please check the video below or on my channel for quick instructions).  Here is the recipe for you, Njoy!

Ash Gourd Juice


AshGourd - 1/8 of Medium Size Gourd

*servings - 4


  1. Remove the outer edge and inner core and seeds of the Ash Gourd Quarter
  2. Chop the wedges into medium size cubes
  3. Add these pieces to NinjA bullet and grind in Extract mode for 10 sec
  4. Add some water to jar and pulse in Smoothie mode for 20 sec
  5. Strain the juice using colander and remove the excess pulp
  6. Pour into glasses and serve immediately
  • You don't need to add any sugar to this juice. If you feel it is strong in flavor, you can add pinch of salt or lime juice for added flavor. 
  • This juice is very cool naturally, if you like chilled version, you can add 2 ice cubed while serving
  • You can use NinjA bullet or Magic Bullet also to extract the juice. NinjA bullet is my new addition from last year Thanksgiving purchase. I am so happy with this purchase and keeping it to full use.
  • I buy the Green Pumpkin Quarter at India Store (Patel Brothers) in states.
  • This year my neighbor shared many long AshGourds from her Garden Yield. 

My Healthy Breakfast Plate :-)

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Here is the Video Recipe:

Will be back with another simple recipe, Take care until then

Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy!


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