Nov 17, 2012

Press & Media

This is the place where I will be sharing the instances of Yum! Yum! Yum! in the press and media.

Feb 10 2016

My Interview with NariSakhi - Women Empowerment

NariSakhi made a Video on my food blog as well

Aug 15 2015
My Interview at Smart Indian Women (SHEBlog Network)

Food Columinst at NriPulse eNewsPaper 

Dec 22 2014
Chicken Majestic at NriPulse eNewsPaper

Dec 14 2014
Roasted Vegetable Soup at NriPulse eNewsPaper

Feb 26 2014
Panner Pakora - Recipe of the Day at

Jan 6 2014
Mixed Veg Macaroni - Recipe of the Day at

July 26 2013
Avocado Mango Salsa - Featured on VegKitchen

Oct 1 2012
Top 9 - DailyBuzz Healthy Living - Cauliflower Nine Ways

Sep 13 2012
Top 9 - DailyBuzz Healthy Living - A Savory Breakfast

Jun 13 2012
A Toast to Hashbrowns - Featured on MyCityCusine 

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