May 27, 2012

Popcorn Chicken ( KFC Style) (Step - by - Step)

We have seen the May started with Mother's Day, middle with Mango Madness and last but not least and ending with IPL Cricket Season. VJ's sister and family visited us for summer vacation, my house is full and cheerful. Abhi and Anvi are happily playing and having fun with their cousins, and rest of the crowd set infront of the TV to watch those, IPL matches...!!! Popcorn or finger food is perfect to munch while watching these games, then how about Popcornish Finger Food.... that sounds even fun! Today I have tried this Popcorn Chicken ( KFC Style or even better), and that came out perfect!!!
Popcorn Chicken
While the food is taken care, Now only the concern I have is both of my favorite teams made to finals and which one should I cheer up for? Kolkotta Knight Riders (KKR) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK)? I am leaning towards CSK... Which one you are cheering up for? ;-)

Here is the recipe and Enjoy!
Though I have browsed some recipes for this, finally i set with my own recipe which is a mix up of 2 - 3 recipes. :-)
Boneless Chicken - 250 g
Egg white - 1 egg
All Purpose Flour - 2 Tbsp
salt - 1 tsp
black pepper - 1 tsp
Multigrain Bread - 2 slices ( or 1/3 cup Panko Bread Crumbs)

Oil - for deep frying.

Preparatory Steps:
Wash the chicken and Cut into bite size (small) pieces. Break the egg and separate the yolk and take the egg white in a small bowl. Take All purpose flour in a small bowl and salt, black pepper; mix well. Crumble the bread slices and make small crumbs out of it and take this to one bowl.

Make your 3 bowls ready, for dip, roll and coat...

Black pepper should be visible like this.

Dip the chicken piece in the egg white.

drop this in Flour mixture and Roll it.

then dip this floured chicken into egg white again

drop into bread crumbs and roll it again.

It becomes like a small snow ball. repeat this procedure for all the chicken pieces. set these balls aside.

Deep fry these balls in the oil until they turn into golden color. Transfer these to bowl And the Popcorn Chicken is ready now.

Serve these with Ketchup or Chili Tomato Sauce, and Enjoy that Game now! :-)

My niece tasted the popcorn chicken at KFC and said my version is same as that, and that statement made my day :-)

Wanna, Grab One!!! :-)

  • Second time dipping in egg white and rolling in bread crumbs will give that soft and round texture. And that's the mystery i solved in this recipe to get that KFC version.
  • I have made these mild spiced as the whole family can enjoy. 
  • If you want to add little spice add some red chili sauce or tobasco sauce to flour mixture. or in addition to black pepper you can crushed red pepper flakes. 
  • As I don't have bread crumbs handy I have used my multi grain bread in this recipe, and those grains added nice effects as well. 
  • you can make few batches ahead and freeze it in ziplocks. they will be handy for those rush hours or last minute surprise game gatherings..... :-)

sending this to following events 
Chicken Fest @ MySpicyKitchen

Take care and Enjoy the IPL Finals tonight!


  1. lovely recipe.. i love kfc popcorn chicken.. nice to see it here.. glad to follow you :)

  2. Love the lok of this chicken. Hope you enjoy the Kathy Lette book. It's the first paperbook I have bought in quite a while.

  3. Wow! this is my 2 year old son's fav..thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Looks yummy

  5. Very nice and tempting mythreyi....just perfect to enjoy the games. Thks for dropping by and your lovely comments.

  6. Very yummy n absolutely tempting

  7. Omg, you r killing me with ur fabulous and super crispy popcorn chicken,quite addictive and tempting.

  8. Nice recipes...happy to follow u...
    do visit mine in your free time..
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

    1. Thank you Shabbu, Welcome to Yum! Yum! Yum!.. I will check your recipes as well.

  9. My favorite..So crispy and good, actually I must say am very much addicted to it.. I crazily support the CSK, but am so sad now, how can they lose!! I think I have to order a popcorn chicken to overcome my sadness..Hmmmph :(

    1. Yes Divya, Indeed that was a very good match. and CSK put their best too. KKR also payed well. Winning and Loosing are like top and bottom of the wheel. Wish CSK to get their Cup next year... Now Cheer up with this Popcorn :-)

  10. Your instructions are so good... this is an awesome idea for finger food. They look like the real stuff too:) Wow

  11. Mythreyi this looks so tempting.wanna grab the whole bowl but unfortunately iam on fast today :(

  12. Popcorn chicken looks perfect and must have tasted great! Thanks for sending it to chicken feast event!

  13. wow they look super exact to the kfc one... now you know what i am going to try next... :-)

  14. today i tried and its really too good like kfc.. But can u plz share what kind of spice kfc addded after fry those pops... Rds, Shankar Singh

  15. thank you so much! I had to repost this recipe on my blog.. hope you dont mind! Thanks again!



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