Apr 13, 2012

DIY - Garam Masala ~ Indian Spice Powder

Several of my friends ask how some masala curries happen in no time in my kitchen? Simple, I make this garam masala ahead of time and store it and it comes very handy in those rush times. Usually I don't use this masala due to it's strong flavors as both of my kids are sensitive to spice (slowly their spice level is getting increased though as they are growing up). But I can not make some curries with out this masala , Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani, Boiled Egg Masala Curry, Shrimp Fry are some to name in non-veg curries. And Cauliflower Tomato, Mixed Veg Curry, Aloo Kurrma are some to name in veg curries.

Garam Masala ~ Indian Spice Powder 
Some of my readers asked me how to make this masala at home, so I have put together the preparation here in this post. Enjoy!

Clove - 5
Cardamom - 2
Cinnamon - 8
Star Anice - 3
Poppy Seeds - 1 Tbsp
Dry Coconut Powder - 1/4 cup

Yields: 5 Tbsp Masala Powder
I forgot put the Coconut Powder in this picture.

Roast all the spices slightly in the non-stick pan for 2 to 3min on low heat. Let them cool. Grind all the spices in the small mixie jar or in coffee grinder.  Add Coconut Powder at the end grind it one more time, until it blends with all the spices. Now transfer this into airtight container and store it in cool place. It last up to 2 months as long as the freshness is sealed.

This looks simple, but the trick is proportions of the spices in this powder. Cardamom is very strong and overdoing it make it get the bitter taste. Cinnamon is the main ingredient. Usually some people don't use star anice in this masala, but i like the sweet taste of it when a little is added. Dry Coconut Powder balances all the spices in this powder by not making it too strong but just right. Poppy seeds add a nice flavor to this powder. (if this is not handy, this can be skipped.)

Take a close peek at the strong flavors in this spice powder.
So now you made your own Homemade Garam Masala Powder, now get into the kitchen and make those yummy gravies and spicy curries . :-)

Will be back with more of these Kitchen Basics,
Until then take care,


  1. Homemade garam masala is always the best.. Nice recipe

  2. Always great. homemade is way better than store one

  3. Homemade podis are always best...looks so flavourful

  4. Hey home made masala and home made food by mother is the best food in this world tahnks for sharing such a lovely post its great.
    Kamal bhatt

  5. Sounds yum. Tell me how big should the cinnamon be 1 inch pieces?
    Want to make it

  6. Nothing will beat home made spice powder, super flavourful garam masala..

  7. That is a very useful post - Can smell the aroma of it :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - happy to be visiting after a long break!

  8. Garam Masala is one of my favorite spices, next to turmeric with curcumin. Has anyone tried that?

  9. awesome....we also used homemade spice powder. Nice one.............
    Spices powder



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