Oct 2, 2013

Chicken Sliders

'Sliders' are small or bite sized burgers compare to their original size. This is another American given name which you don't find in Dictionary ( in food context) or in Foodology ( Yup, no luck in Wikipedia either), probably the 'sliders' name came in handy as these slide right in to your mouth easily as these are small bites. So today I have experimented Sliders witch Chicken version with my recent Smokey Herbed Chicken recipe and this is perfect in Kid's world. To add some more color and healthy touch I have added Tomato and Avocado Slices and that combination made it a big hit.

Today I don't have much to write about the recipe it self as for the most part is assembling and holding it together. But I really liked the clicks and colors in these 'Chicken Sliders..!' It is so happened on that day My son was playing with his Legos and made some structures and he thought it would be cool to show off his Lego Work along with these Chicken Sliders. Here Mommy and Son are showing off their Work with Pride... ! Here, You can see 6 year old boy's imagination when machines use Food as Towers and Launching Pads.. He He He.... ! I have provided my son's narration in comments, Njoy!

HeliGuy is Ready to Fight with this mini Slider....!

HeliGuy, Ready to take off from Slider Launch Pad... ! :-)

Heli Guy, Landing right on these stunning looking Slider Towers...! :-)

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour into Abhi's Imagination... ! :-)

Herbed Chicken Breast - 2 ( or grilled or cooked Chicken Breast in your way)
Mini Burger Buns - 4
Tomato - 1
Avocado - 1/2 medium
Mayo - 1 Tbsp ( or Ranch)
Tomato Ketch-up - 1 Tbsp

Spread the Mayo on one side of the Bun and Ketch-up on other half. Place the Chicken Brest on the Bottom and top with thinly sliced tomatoes and avocado. Close it with the Top Bun and serve with some Potato Chips or Cheetos.

When I served this to my kiddo's first time, I crossed my fingers as I awaited their reaction and when they took a bite and said 'Maa, this is Yummy!' my eyes lit up and I knew what's going to be for their Weekend Supper form next time on wards. :-)

As these are still big for little mouths, I have cut the sliders into half to suit for my kids needs. 

This is how they slide into Kids' Plate...!!!

  • Some times I try Ranch instead of Mayo and Kids totally love this variation. 
  • For grown-ups I use Chipotle Mayo and a dash of Hot Sauce to add some zest.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and pictures
Take Care until I see you here again..


  1. Delicious and cute looking sliders. Wonderfully prepared.


  2. Wonderfully done,who can resist to beautiful and delicious chicken sliders.

  3. A simple sandwich, slider are always welcome at my place too. Love the flavors going here.
    FYI- I might link your dosa post in my coming posts, if it is OK with you. I am just going to post a link.

    1. Thank you Asha! Sure you can link to my Dosa Post totally fine with me, Thank you for asking!



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