Feb 22, 2011

Fancy Chocolate Cup (Homemade)

When I was looking for more ideas to serve the Chocolate and Espresso Mousse that I made for valentines day (well, I had planned, but finally made it), I have come across this one in one of my cookbooks.

Fancy Chocolate Cup

This is so easy to make and looks very professional when you serve any desert in this. You can simply serve the ice cream along with some mousse or serve the cake and top with ice cream.

What You Need:
Orange or any round small bowl ( for mold)
Aluminum Foil
Semi Sweets Chocolate - 3 oz

How to Make It:
1. Melt the Chocolate in the double boiler. Heat the water in a sauce pot, and mix the chocolate in the bowl, and  place this bowl on top of the sauce pot. ( make sure that bowl is big and it should not fully dip into the sauce pot)
2. The chocolate melts from the steam of the boiling water ( indirect heat)
3. Once all the chocolate melts turn off the heat
4. Take an Orange and cover half with the aluminium foil, take the orange out.
5. Now your aluminium foil looks like a small bowl ( mold). Put this on the base and firm or flat the round base part so that it looks more like a bowl
6. Then apply the chocolate coating inside this aluminium cup, by creating some spikes kind of look inside the foil. I have used the spoon to apply so that it gives the nice coating. Do not make it too thin.
7. Apply more at the bottom or base.
8. Keep this in the freezer and leave for 2 to 3 hours.
9. Then take it out slowly remove the aluminium foil carefully with out breaking the spikes.
10. Ta Daaaaaa! Your fancy chocolate cup is ready now.

Now serve the routine desert in this cup and impress your guests. And make it fun for kids also. See how gorgeous it looked when i served Chocolate mousse in it.

Take until next time


  1. Yummy cup. I dont mind if you do not serve me just the cup Mythreyi.

  2. your fancy chocolate cup is very delicious and creative job.

  3. never thought cups can be delicious like this one.



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