Jan 30, 2011

Meet Yum! Chef

Dear Readers,

About Yum! Yum! Yum!:
Yum! Yum! Yum! has started one day (October 2010) when I made the exotic Baby Zucchini Bajji and started putting together the recipe for my future reference. I have written some recipes in the year of 2010 and taken pictures to post under my recipes section of LiveStrong, the fantastic site I follow to log my food and exercise.

Yum!Yum!Yum! has recently finished it's second birthday and feeling proud with the following milestones.

Following are some of the Milestones in the past 2 years
100,000+ page views, 
200+ posts in 2 years, 
169 Friends and Followers, 
137 Likes and Fans on FB, 
62 Subscribers and Readers via Feed Burner, 
62 entries made to Kitchen Artisty
76 IndiRank
2 instances in Media via DailyBuzz Helthy Living

Meet your Yum! Chef:

My name is Mythreyi, I am a busy working mom with two young kids and happily married to my dear husband Vijay.Cooking and Gardening are my passions. Music and Moves(dance) are my pleasures. Travel around the world is my dream. I am from India and respect every aspect of our culture and love to follow traditions.

I always love cooking since I was a kid. Still remember those days when I made potato chips when mom is not at home along with my sister. Day by Day trying some sought of new recipes has became fun and cooking became passion for me. And then came the opportunity to stay in the room with my wonderful friends in those good old college days, that means opportunity to cook more on my own :-). In those days even with limited kitchen gadgets I used to make superb dishes like Fried Rice, Gutti Vankaya to name a few. After the graduate school I came to USA ( Dallas,TX) for my Masters and went to UTD. When I lived in the Dorms of UTD, still did not stop cooking. Fried Noodles, Chole Dum Biryani are some delicacies to name.

Most of my recipes are spicy, savory and with the focus of healthy ingredients, some of them are from my creative kitchen and some of them are from ( my native origin Andhra) my mom's kitchen and some are alternation of good recipes from friends or that I found in the cook books or browse on the net.

My mom is a good cook since I have known her, and is the true inspiration for me.  I always love reading cook books, watching Food channels ( my fav is 30 minutes meals on Food Network) and surfing food sites ( my fav is Vah Reh Vah with Vah Chef) to explore new recipes and try them and present to you. Lucky You! ;-)

I love to try new restaurants and new cuisines, to know the possibilities of different styles of cooking and ingredients. My dearest friend and superb hubby is a fan of Italian food, and I love Mexican, and both of us agree on Thai.  Yes You have got me, means you can find more recipes on these cuisines here. Oh Boy! That sounds interesting right!

Enough flashback of me, coming to senses and presence, now I have two darling kiddos, that means more fun to cook for them and cook with them. And hence the reason for Yum! for Little One!, an exclusive recipe collection for Little Ones!

Hope you enjoy my recipe collection and keep visiting to check out all the new recipes.

You can always contact me at mythreyiv[at]gmail[dot]com for any questions or comments, but dropping a comment in my blog is the best way and fastest way to get hold of me. ;-). Gheez.. I sound busy mom, Yes I am!

Happy cruising around Yum! Yum! Yum!...



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