Feb 28, 2012

Radish Chutney

When ever we think of Radish / Mooli the first thing that comes to our mind is 'Mooli ka Paratha' (Sruffed Radish Roti). But the best way I use Radish is in Sambar. It gives very authentic madarasi taste to your sambar. Radish is little spicy and crunchy by nature similar to onion. That's why we have to use this in combination with some other soft or cream or sour flavors that softens the spicy radish taste.

These days Radish is getting famous as Diabetic friendly vegetable,  I was looking for recipes to use this as main ingredient. (It's not that I am Diabetic, but when ever I am on diet I try to follow Diabetic diet as this controls the carbs and make stress on protein and fiber in  our diet.) I remember when my mom makes Radish and Tomato Curry, when we were kids me and my sister exchange the looks of 'Oh no, Not, Again!'. That is one curry both of us agree in not liking it. and One more variety my friend in College days introduced me is 'Mooli Raita', it tastes good with Roti or Chapati. I will find the recipe will post it soon.

Radish Chutney
 But today, our wonderful Nanny shares this Radish Chutney recipe and convinced me that it tastes very good, and she makes it quite often. I am little hesitant with Radish taste always, but waited patiently while she is preparing this chutney, and the result is Fantastic, She added some Coconut and Cilantro to the regular chutney ingredients, i think that did the trick to soften the taste of Radish. VJ and myself dug into this chutney bowl, and finished  the whole dinner with this Tasty and Healthy Radish Chutney along with Hot White Rice.  Here is the recipe, Enjoy!

Radish - 4 small
Tamarind - 1 Tbsp
Green chili - 4
cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
turmeric - 1/ 4 tsp
garlic - 5 cloves
salt - 1 tsp
coconut - 3 inch slice or 2 Tbsp fresh cocunut
Cilantro - 1/4 cup
oil - 1 Tbsp


Tempering (Taalimpu)

  1. Wash, Trim the Edges and Peel them. Grate the Radish and set aside. You can cut into small cubes also, grating will add good taste.
  2. Heat the Oil in the non stick pan, and add the green chilies, cumin seeds, tamarind and garlic. saute for 3 min.
  3. Add the Grated Radish and saute it for 5 min. 
  4. Grind these along with the Coconut and Cilantro while adding the salt in between. For consistency as little water as needed.
  5. Take this into a serving bowl.

Now add Taalimpu to the chutney bowl, and it is ready now... Serve this with hot white Rice or Brown Rice. I am sure you will be hooked on to this, and will never say NO to Radish. :-)

  • If you are diabetic, then skip the coconut, for healthy benefits.
  • you can serve this as Dip for you chips also.

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Take care until we meet here again


  1. Yummy recipe..bookmarked


  2. This version I need to try. I make something similar

  3. Very recipe, tried it today with slight variation of adding lemon instead of tamrind and it came out very nice.

    1. Thank you for trying and letting us know about the alteration.

  4. Hey. When to add tamarind? And how?

    1. Hello NS, You can add Tamarind to the non-stick pan along with green chilies and garlic. I have missed that in the steps. Now I have updated it.

      Thanks for reaching out to me, in regard to this.




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