Dec 10, 2013

Mixed Veg Medley w/ Maggi Masala ~ few minute wonders

Well, after an elaborate Lunch Menu for a freezing Cold Day, as I suspected I am out of fresh veggies and today the necessity made me invent this wonder recipe. I am in luck to have Frozen Mixed Veg in hand and my little one's demand for 'don't serve old food mommy' :-) made me prepare this dish quickly ( Under 15 min) for the kids. I am glad i did it, because now they are served 2 servings of mixed veg in their plate, they finished with no complaints turning their Happy Plates to me. :-)! That takes care of Today, Here is the recipe!

Mixed Veg - 1 cup
Olive Oil - 1 Tbsp
Maggi Masala - 1 Tbsp


  1. Thaw the Mixed Veg in a bowl in micro wave for 3 min.
  2. Heat the non-stick pan; Once the pan is hot, add Olive Oil to it and leave for 30 sec.
  3. Add the mixed veg to the pan and saute them for 2 min. Now Add Maggi Masala and mix it very well with Veggies. Saute for another 2 min. Switch off the stove.

Transfer it to a Serving Bowl and Now Mixed Veg Medley is a Done Deal! Serve with White Rice or roll it in Roti, tastes wonderful either way!

The spiciness depends on the maggi masala flavor that your are using. The one i used is Chatpata so I used the whole packet. You can use only 1/2 if you can't handle that much spice. Always adjust the seasoning by adding in small quantities instead dumping the whole packet into the pan. Hint Hint ;-) !

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Take care and stay warm!


  1. Healthy and yummy stirfry,very colorful

  2. looks so tempting.. I always like maggie masala.. this time when I was in India I saw this masala sold separately. I hv brought it.. yet to use it

  3. Me too make veg stirfry for maggi or fried rice like the same way. Yummilicious!

  4. Lovely and colorful looking medley. Maggi masala used at it's best.

  5. Healthy and inviting yummy stir fry. my favorite any time.



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