Apr 14, 2014

Menu Plan Series

After a long cooking journey in my kitchen, by now Cooking for a Couple or a Family become instantaneous for me. Now all the trouble and thinking starts only when those Guests are arriving. I always spend some time in planning a wholesome menu when Guests are arriving, so that I can be prepared to make some special dishes for the Guests ( yes, yes, I wanna be a Good Host! ).  Sometimes I run out of Ideas or my mind becomes blank in those busy days. Hence I have started putting my Ideas as part of these Menu Plan Series in my blog, so that these Menu Plan Ideas will be handy and I can make them instantaneously also when those Guests are knocking on the door.

Do you  have any Menu Plan Idea or your Favorite Menu to make any day Special? Please share with me I will publish it here.

Here is the piled up Menu Plan Ideas in Different Categories. Njoy!




Festive Menus:

More are coming stay Tuned or Check here  Menu Plan Ideas.

take care until we meet here again!

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