Mar 6, 2011

Weekend Rescue Menu

When my sister called me on Friday night and expressed the change of plans I didn't know that this whole drama exists as I can narrate on this. No, No, drama is not about my sister but about the food menu. ;-)
My sister and family supposed to visit our house for lunch on Sunday, but on Friday night my sister called me and said they are planning to come on Saturday morning it self and I completely assured that it's perfect.
I woke up on the Saturday morning and prepared everything for Abhi, as Abhi has to attend his soccer match along with the picture session today. When I opened the fridge to put the menu together for lunch, the empty vegetables bin made me realize that I haven't done the grocery shopping on Friday night, in the joy of kids McDonald trip which is the result of  my hubby's relaxed getaway at Costco. Cursing him for not picking up the kids and myself forgetting the grocery shopping, I was in the dilemma now, what to make to impress the guests and not to disappoint my sister.

Weekend Rescue Menu

After gathering all the vegetables that I have, I am left with 2 onions, 2 Tomatoes ( yes they are Texas huge size), and Oh Yeah! lot of eggs. I have no Potatoes, Chillies, Cilantro nothing.. Gosh, I never imagined cooking with out Cilantro. Glad, my pantry is full of dry herbs and spices.  I have 1/2 cauliflower and 1/4 cabbage and some red cabbage also. Looking at those Huge Tomatoes, first thing came to my mind is Tomato Rice, feeling nostalgic again, when ever my mom makes Tomato Rice she used make this Masala Boiled Egg Fry which is a best combination to go with. When I am in search of spices for Tomato Rice, I came to know there is another item that is abundant in my pantry , Noodles...... Puuurfect...... Now that makes my menu complete, special and inviting.

I quickly made a call to my mom to get the base recipe for Tomato rice (I always like the way my mom makes), after talking to my mom, I pulled the action trigger and Ta Daaaaaa Here is the result.

Here is my Weekend Rescue Menu:
Tomato Pulao, Masala Boiled Egg, Curried Cauliflower (Baked), Hot Garlic Noodles along with Crispy Spring Rolls ( I don't take credit for the spring rolls, they are from Costco pre-made, just baked them).

Tomato Pualo

Masala Boiled Egg Fry
Hot Garlic Noodles

Curried Cauliflower

My sister probably didn't know until she reads this, that the whole drama I went through to put together this menu, if she thought why the menu was odd ends and not that coordinated (rice, noodles, etc....), she will know now. ;-)

You can see how much my recipes missed the cilantro in the clicks. I am saying it again, Gosh, I never imagined cooking with out Cilantro.

Hope you enjoyed my weekend rescue menu Story, now check out those yummy recipes.

Take care until next time!


  1. Yumm, everything looks absolutely delicious..Enjoy all these tempting dishes..

  2. What a fine and dandy spread - Lucky sis and what sweet sis you are to be making this yummy meal for her :)

  3. I appreciate your presence of mind to handle the situation. Um nice sumptuous dishes too... Try submitting your blog posts to for more viewers.

  4. Yummy! lovely dishes. waiting for the recipes.



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