May 21, 2013

Chili Garlic Noodles ( Restaurant Style) ~ Bamboo Garden's Review

Whenever I feel like eating Noodles, or in Rush Hour to make supper or have just 2 min to make a Quick Fix, Maggie is the one that comes to my mind. What is your savior recipe in those times? I have tried several versions of Maggie, but I miss the restuarentish look for these Noodles for the texture and taste. So today I have played with some different Noodles and sauces in this recipe to create the Restaurentish Look and taste. Here you go, sharing my recipe and a story for you... Njoy!
Chili Garlic Noodles
Here in DFW area, Masala Wok is pretty popular for Indo-Chinese cuisine since our college days in UTD. There is one near UTD, we used to go there for Grad Parties or for the new Job parties and Birthday Party Occasions. And they have opened several branches later and there is one in Frisco close to our home as well. So we haven't missed going to this place. But after I return from Bangalore last year there is another new Indo-Chinese name in town that i am hearing from every body and every where.  That is Inchins Bamboo Garden which is based in Atlanta, Alpharetta. So One day my dear Sister ( who is Indo-Chinese Fan) introduced us to this restaurant which is also close to our home ( in North Plano).  We are surprisingly pleased with the vast variety options in their Menu, and I have noticed there are some traditional Chinese entrees in addition to Indo-Chineese dishes. Personally I prefer Appetizers ( or Only Appetizers) in Indo-Chinese as they are mostly fried, crispy, spicy and sizzling. ( Sorry, I don't watch calories this day ,:-))  and Yes! Yes! they are several varieties of appetizers, but the cost looked little pricey to me. But when we received our Appetizer Orders, they are huge in portion size and big enough to serve for the whole family. Or Big enough to replace my main course as i just indulge on these fried Appetizers. Their Noodles are very good and unique in texture and taste. They are advertising big about their ambiance, but we didn't feel it that appealing compared to other Indian Restaurants in town. So I give '4 Star' rating for their recipes and  '3 Star' rating for their ambiance, overall it stands '3.5 Star' rating for this Restaurant.
Courtesy: Bamboos Gardens Site
So when we are walking out of the restaurant after having a good experience with their food, the Noodle Packets on the shelf caught my eye. And I have inquired at the front desk and came to know that they are for sale and with out a thought I have bought these to create Restuarentish Style Noodles at home. And each packet is only 2 USD, that's very inexpensive. They do have some of their sauces for sale, but I haven't bought them, if you are interested then you can try their sauces and let me know about your experience.
Bamboo Garden Noodles are vital to get that texture and look.
This Chili Garlic Noodles is made with the Bamboo-Garden's noodles turned out very good, I do definitely visit this Restaurant for their Signature Appetizers and to buy more of their unique Noodles.

Noodles - 2 cups
Oil - 1 Tbsp
Soy Sauce - 2 tsp
Garlic - 2 cloves
Green Chili Sauce - 1 Tbsp
Chili Vinegar - 1 Tbsp
Bell Pepper - 1/2
Carrot - 1 medium
Cabbage - 1/2 cup
salt - 1 tsp
black pepper - 1/2 tsp
Crushed Red Pepper - 1/2 tsp( optional)

Preparatory Steps:
  • Cook the Noodles to according to package directions and run under cold water, loosen them with fork and keep aside.
  • Cut the Cabbage, Carrot, and Bell Pepper in Julienne Style ( thin strips to match the Noodles)
  1. Place the Wok on the stove and once it is hot, add Oil to it.
  2. Add soy sauce, chili vinegar to the oil.  Add minced Garlic to the oil ( this infuses the oil with garlic falvor)
  3. Add the vegetables and saute them on High, add the salt and black pepper to the vegetables. Once the vegetables are becoming tender ( starts to fade), add the cooked noodles to the wok and stir it quickly with all the vegetables. Now add the Green Chili Sauce to the Wok and stir it into the Noodles. 
  4. If you are using crushed red pepper add it to the wok and mix it into the noodles, that gives a slight spicy kick to these noodles. 
  5. Taste and adjust the seasonings accordingly. 
  6. Transfer these into bowls and top with chopped spring onions. Serve hot immediately. 

See after all, making the Restaurant Style Noodles is not that difficult at all as long you pick the right noodles and play with right sauces in the Wok. 

See you here to share more great recipes
until then take care


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