Apr 4, 2011

Ugadi Pachadi and Vindu ~ Full Course Festive Meal

I wish all my readers "శ్రీకర నామ సంవత్సర   శుభాకాంక్షలు" (Happy Ugadi). UGADI is a Telugu  New Year Festival. The actual name is 'Yugadi' (Yuga Aadi) means the beginning of 'New Yuga'. In Andhra we follow a 60 telugu Year cycle  based on the Lunar Calendar. Usually the 'Spring' the First Season in the nature indicates the 'New Beginning' in the Year with the fresh leaves and fresh start. So that is the reason this festival usually falls in the End of March or beginning of April in India.

Ugadi Pachadi is one dish every one in the family should taste on this festival. Ugadi Pachadi is made with six different basic tastes (షడ్రుచులు/Shadruchulu) that includes Sweet (తీపి), Salt (ఉప్పు ), Hot (కారం ), Bitter (చేదు ), Sour (పులుపు ), Tartar/Astringent (వగరు). This tells us that every year is not just sweet, but it is the mix of the all different tastes and we should balance our life accordingly. How Beautiful it is?  That's why I love all of our traditions and customs that are created by our ancestors, every traditional event teaches us to rise and fall accordingly and learn to lead the life by adjusting to circumstances however good or bad they are.

Ugadi Vindu Bhojanam

On this auspicious day we go to temple, pray god that this year should bring prosperity to everybody and participate in  పంచాంగ శ్రవణం/ Panchaga Sravanam (forecast for this new year explained by the priest) . The priest explains the forecast that is expected in the Mother Nature, as if there are good amount of rains to bring the full crops or any calamities or disasters are ahead so that we can prepared for it.

I still remember those days when we are not so ready to taste the Ugadi Pachadi ( because of  usage of Neem Flowers (వేప పూత ) to get the bitterness taste). My mom wakes us up early and while she prepares the yummy meals with festive specials, we used to decorate the Pooja room and decorate the house entrance with the Thoran made with fresh mango leaves with the help of dad. I miss those days where the whole family sits together and enjoys the full course meal by sharing jokes and having fun. As I don't want my kids to miss all those nice customs and traditions, this year we have celebrated the Ugadi with friends and families  by enjoying the Full Course meal that is served in Banana Leaves (అరటి ఆకులు ) . Yes, you heard it right, I was able to get the banana leaves at Taj Groceries. That definitely gave the special festive touch and made us remember all those vindu bhojanams which in result cracked lots of fun.

In our busy life style we have to spare some time to celebrate such events which gives us an opportunity for us to explain the customs to kids, pass the traditions to next generation and for kids also it brings so much fun.

Ugadi Pachadi Recipe:
(Sweet) Jaggery - 1 small lemon size
(Sour) Tamarind - Half Lemon size
(Salt) salt - 1tsp
(Hot) green chilie - 1 or 2
(Tartar) Raw Mango Slices - 1/3 cup
(Bitter) Neem Flowers - 1 Tbsp
Banana - 1
Ugadi Pachadi

How to Make it:
1. Place the Tamarind in the bowl with some water and micorwave it for 1 min. Let it cool for 1 min.
2. Then Squeeze the tamarind  and extract the tamarind paste and mix some more water to it to make it dilute
3. Add the salt, minced green chili, Raw Mango slices, Neem Flowers.
4. Place the Jaggery  in a bowl with water and microwave it for 1 or  2min, then you will get the liquid out of it. I always use this tip to if the jaggery is too hard to chop. If the jaggery is soft you can just chop it into small pieces and add it to tamarind juice.
5. My mom adds some fruits like banana or grapes to get some natural sweet taste to pachadi. Today I have added Banana.
6. The Festive Special Ugadi Pachadi is Ready now.....

Ugadi Prasadam
Today we have filled our festive plate with

Hope you have celebrated the Ugadi at your best too. Happy Ugadi again!

Take care until next time


  1. Happy ugadi to u and ur Family ! all your recipes look so yummy n delicious !

  2. That is a yummy spread! Happy Ugadi!

  3. What a feast you have created- looks so very delicious n festive!
    Ugadi wishes to you n your family dear :)

    US Masala

  4. lovely spread....
    Happy Ugadi dear :)

  5. Wat a real feast, wonderful spread..happy ugadi wishes to u and ur family..

  6. Loved ur spread..n belated ugadi wishes..I did not know that u r from andhra..:)

  7. Lovely spread.. Meeku kooda ugadi subhakankshalu :)

    Indian Cuisine

  8. Thank you all For the wishes.




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