Mar 31, 2011

Lunch Box Ideas - Quarter 1 - 2011

Everyday Morning I spend almost half hour to determine what should go in lunch box? To save time, I have listed some of my lunch box ideas here. Hope you will save some time too. Most of these are quick fixes, or can be easily made with left overs or healthy combinations that are all around you. If you have already some ideas listed like this, with an easy shop and chop itself, your yummy lunch boxes can be ready in minutes. Now Get Ready to make your colleagues envy of your lunch box :-). Enjoy!

Savory Semya Upma - Cooking time - 20 min

Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice - Cooking Time - 15 min

Mango and Spinach Salad, w/ Steamed Cauliflower & Sugar Snap Peas and Black Berries

Mango and Spinach Salad

 Spinach Salad and Cauliflowery Scrambled Eggs Wrapped in Sprouted Grain Tortilla

 Cucumber Spinach Salad w/ Roasted Potato Medley and Pear

Spinach Cucumber Boiled Egg Salad  w/Roasted Potato Medley and Blue Berries

Spinach Cucumber and Boiled Egg Salad

Fruit and Nut Purple Rice

Noodle and Tofu Layered Salad
Place the left over noodles at the bottom, and layer the mixed greens, top with thinly sliced red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprinkle some pecans, finish with tofu slices. Pour the salad dressing on top.
Noodle and Tofu Layered Salad - Top View

Primavera with Penne Pasta

Simple Sandwich with Black Bean Brown Rice Patty on Multi Grain Bread with Cucumber, Red Onion, Tomato and Avocado. Trust me, you don't miss Mayo and Cheese.

Take care until next time


  1. these are all delicious ideas for lunch

  2. mouth has already started watering ! wow...plz plz make some for me :-)

  3. Everything looks super delicious and filling..Thanks for sharing so many wonderful lunch box ideas..

  4. Wow. Wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing

  5. I like salad part and it's much easier, Can you also post some lunch box ideas for men? preferably Protein and Amino Acids.

  6. @Anonymous,

    You can add some protein to the salads like Grilled Tilapia, or Spicy Chicken Wings.

    I have added simple sandwich w/ Avocado to the above post. Avocado is one great vegetable source for Amino Acids.

    Always use Multi Grain Bread which has 6 gram protein in each slice. And for Wraps use Sprouted Grain Tortilla or Tofuyan Tortilla which has 13 grams protein.

    Hope this helps, Have Fun!

  7. I wish I was in your office Mythreyi and I would have robbed your tiffin box everyday.



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