Aug 30, 2014

CocoZia Coconut Water ~ Product Review

I am super excited today to write a post about CoCoZia Coconut Water Product Review. When Epicurex approached me to try this product and write a review about it, I am very happy to accept the offer for 2 reasons, this is my first experience to write a review on Product that is sent to me, and two it is Coconut Water, my all time favorite natural electrolyte. So Win-Win, right!

Being an Indian, I always crave for good quality coconut water esp in Summer. In our stay in Bangalore (2012), I have fully enjoyed fresh coconut water through out the year. With that ethnic interest, I am always in search for some good quality Coconut Water in States.  I am glad to get the opportunity to do the Product Review for the CoCoZia Coconut Water.

Previously I have tried CoCoVita and some other Coconut water products, but disappointed with their artificial taste. But Unlike those CoCoZia is Organic product and it has authentic coconut water taste and it's refreshing. Coconut Water is a Natural Electrolyte  with full of minerals, Actually it can be considered as Natural Sports Drink.  I have used CoCoZia after my workouts to get hydrated naturally. I have shared this with my family members and some friends, all of them are really happy with this product and they expressed the same feeling that 'It's tasted great and natural!'.

This size is also little big than normal cans ( 16 Fl Oz) and easily serves two people. My only concern is the Price, I felt like it is little expensive compared to other CoConut Water products, it might be because it is Organic. 12 Pack costed 36 USD, each is pricing at 3 USD per unit. My suggestion is If Epicurex can sell 12 pack for 20 USD, it will be reachable for common man, and will be a super hit in the Beverage Industry.

Here are the links to find CoCoZia at Amazon Store:
16 FlOz CoCoZia 12 Pack

12 Fl oz CocoZia Water for 16 USD.

I am waiting for this to come to stores, it would be even better if we can find it in Costco, that would be awesome!

Check out the Nutrient Facts: 
Calories - 40
Total Fat - 0g
Sugars - 10g
USDA Organic Certified, Natural Coconut Water
NON GMO Verified, Gluten Free, Vegan
Kosher Coconut Water

Hope this review will be helpful for you!
will come with an interesting recipe next, take care until then!

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  1. Coconut water is indeed the best natural beverage from nature's bounty.



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