Aug 22, 2014

Sorakaya Pulusu ~ Bottle Gourd Stew

Actually I haven't experimented much with Bottle Gourd so far. I always make Sorakaya Palakura, as it turns out to be less spicy and little creamy that is hit at home and suitable for kids too. But this year I have planted Bottle Gourd in my garden, and there is no dearth for Sorakaya in my kitchen. I have stopped buying this vegetable from Grocery Store, Now I am reaching to a point where getting tired of distributing this vegetable with in community, friends and at work . Thanks to my in-laws who took good care of it and now it is yielding too much produce. So that means it's time to experiment more with this vegetable than routine curries. Today I have tried the Stew variety with Sorakaya, where it is simmered in tamarind gravy along with spices until it becomes tender and finally toped with some jaggery that softens all the spices and enhances the flavor for this stew. It tasted fantastic with white rice. As now it's tested and tasted in my kitchen, it's time for you to try it on with no hesitation, Here is the Recipe!

Sorakaya - 1 small ( or 1/2 medium)
Onion - 1 medium
Salt - 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp
Tamarind - 1 Tbsp
Jaggery - 2 Tbsp
Oil - 2 Tbsp

For Tempering:
Red Chili, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Cumin Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Curry Leaves

Preparatory Steps:

  • Trim the edges of bottle gourd, peel and de-seed it. Cut it into big pieces.
  • Chop Onions also into 4 quarters or big pieces.
  • Add Tamarind in a small bowl along with 1/2 cup of water and microwave for 1 min. Let it cool and squeeze the Tamarind Juice and throw way the pulp. 


  1. Heat Oil in a heavy bottomed vessel ( i have used my pressure cooker pan). Once the oil is hot add Red Chili, followed by Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Cumin Seeds and Mustard Seeds. Once the lentils starts browning, add turmeric powder followed by curry leaves. that completes the tempering process.
  2. Add Onion pieces to the pan and let them saute. Add Sorakaya pieces and mix with sauteed onions. Close the lid loose and saute for 3 min. 
  3. Add Tamarind water and mix it well with vegetables and simmer for 5 min. 
  4. Now add salt, Red Chili powder, Coriander Powder and mix everything well. Now close the lid tight and cook for 15 min ( or until bottle gourd becomes tender). As I have used pressure cooker, I have closed the lid and waited for one whistle and then switched off the stove.
  5. Now open the lid and mix every thing well, taste and adjust seasonings. Mostly you may need to add some salt. Now add 2 Tbsp of Jaggery and mix it well and simmer until jaggery melts in the stew.
  6. Now you see stew comes together now top with some cilantro and switch off the stove.
  7. Spicy Sorakaya Stew is ready now, transfer this to a serving bowl and enjoy with hot white rice!

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will be back with another family cherished recipe
until then take care


  1. Looks yummy bottle gourd curry

  2. yummy looking curry perfect for dosa also

    1. Hmm Never tried with Dosa, but sounds interesting combination, will sure give it a try!



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