Jul 29, 2015

Pidata Kinda Pappu ~ Munta Masala ~ Puffed Rice Lentils Chaat

Pidatha Kinda Pappu literally means in English 'Lentils beaten up in Coconut Shell! ' :-)  This is a popular Andhra version of Chat variety that is mostly seen at Street Food Carts. This is also known as Munta Masala, as in some areas the same recipe can be made in Munta ( Clay Pot) instead of in Coconut Shell. We used to die for this type of Street Foods when we are growing up. Palli Batani, Mokka Jonna Pottu (Roasted Corn), Batani Masala ( Ragada Chat) are some more names that are floating in mind. There is no bliss than sipping your hot coffee or masala chai after having this spicy, tangy, namkeen chapt pata snack on the monsoon evening. Oh those memories...! Got Inspired? Here is the easy peasy recipe of Pidata Kinda Pappu, make some Now and Njoy! :-)

Puffed Rice / Maramaralu - 1 cup
Roasted Gram Dal / Veyinchina Sanaga Pappu- 1 Tbsp
Roasted Peanuts / Veru Sanaga Pappu - 1 Tbsp
Red Onion - 1 Tbsp ( chopped)
Tomato - 2 Tbsp ( chopped)
Salt - 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp
Lime Juice - 1Tbsp
Green Chili - 1 (Optional)
Sev - 1 Tbsp
Fried Onion Rings ( Funyuns) - 5
Cilantro - 1 Tbsp ( for garnish)

*yields: 2 servings

Preparatory Steps:
In a medium pan saute peanuts and slightly dry roast them for 2 min on medium heat.

  1. Take a wide bowl, add Puffed Rice, Roasted Peanuts and Roasted Gram Dal. Mix them well.
  2. Now add Salt, Red Chili Powder and Coriander Powder to the mixture gently mix with lentils with your hand to coat lentils with spices properly.
  3. Now add chopped onion, tomato and mix gently. Juices from tomato makes the mixture little wet.
  4. Now add Lime juice to the mixture and fold the mixture from up side down gently. 
  5. Finally add some sev or Funyuns rings to the mixture.
  6. Transfer this mixture in serving bowls and top with some more sev or onion rings, Garnish with some cilantro. 

Now the yummy, healthy and  colorful looking Chaat Snack is ready! If you excuse me now, my coffee is calling me to have it along with this Zakas Chaat!

Check out the video here on how make this easy chaat item:

Actually I have created this recipe for a contest to 'Make a Chat or Snack using Lay's Brand'. So I have picked Funyuns ( snack by Frito Lays) and altered the original recipe to replace SEV with FunYuns. This change made the recipe super hit in my family that I have to buy FunYuns sometimes just to make this recipe these days! :-)

Happy Cooking until we meet here again!

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