Aug 3, 2015

Tawa Pulao ~ Shortcut Version ~ few minute wonders

This recipe is not a detail Tawa Pulao recipe, I have taken several shortcuts today to make this Pualo in jiffy to convert left over rice to magical lunch box dish. Ideally you have to use Potato and Cauliflower vegetables in Tawa Pulao, but today I have used the vegetables that are very fast to cut and cook, these add lot of crunch too, making the Pulao special and colorful. Hope this quick recipe will be handy for you in those rush time mornings. Here is the recipe, Njoy!

Tawa Pulao - Shortcut Version

Left Over Cooked Rice - 1 cup
Bell Peppper - 1/2 medium
Brown Mushrooms - 5
Frozen Mixed Ved - 1/2 cup
Onion - 2 Tbsp ( chopped)
Oil - 1 Tbsp
salt - 1/2 tsp
Red Chili Powder - 1/4 tsp
PavBaji Masala - 1/2 tsp

*yields - 1 serving

Preparatory Steps:
  • Thaw frozen mixed veg in the microwave for 1 min, keep it aside.
  • Remove the membrane, seeds from inside and chop Bell Pepper into cubes.
  • Remove the stem from Mushrooms and chop into slices vertically. 
  1. Heat non-stick pan on medium heat and add Bell Pepper and Mushroom slices. Dry roast them for 2 min until they are tender and steamed. 
  2. Add Oil to the pan now, and add chopped Onion. Saute onions until the raw smell goes away and add salt and red chili powder to the veggies in the pan. 
  3. Now add thawed mixed veg to the pan and mix with veggies in the pan and saute them for 2 min. 
  4. Add the left over rice to the pan and combine rice well with veggies. 
  5. Add PavBaji Masala and stir everything together until the Masala is coated rice and veggies evenly. 
  6. Taste and adjust any salt and seasonings as needed. Tawa Pualo is ready!
  7. Switch off the stove and transfer to lunch box and let it cool for couple of minutes before closing the lid. 

Pack some Yogurt and a love note along with this Tawa Pualo, to cool of those spices and show off your love to your Hubby. :-)

Always clean the mushrooms with wet towel, instead of keeping them under water. Watering the mushrooms will make them mushy in the dish.

will be back with another shortcut version recipe,
Happy Cooking until then!

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