Dec 1, 2015

Apple and Almond Mini Tarts ( Shortcut with Phyllo Shells)

This recipe totally happened when unexpected guests came to our house. I always keep these Phyllo ( (or Filo) Shells in my freezer stash for such rescue times. I used to keep Phyllo sheets which are very handy to make Puffs. Once I have tried the Athen's Filo Shells for instant and fancy breakfast Mixed Veg Quiche, since then I have fallen in love with these shells because they are very handy to whip up any appetizer and dessert. More over, these are bite size, comes in small portions,  mess free, perfect for finger food, good for kids and popular party picks.  There is a Pecan Tarts recipe on the Package, as I don't have Pecans in pantry, I have altered the recipe and added some fruit and nut twist that resulted in these Apple and Almond Mini Tarts. I am warning these are quite addictive, Here is the recipe, Njoy!

Athen's Filo Shells - 15 ( 1 package)
Butter - 1 Tbsp ( at room temperature)
Egg - 1
Corn Starch - 1 Tbsp
Maple Syrup - 1 Tbsp
Diced Apple - 1/4 cup
Chopped Almonds - 1/4 cup

  1. Pre heat the Oven to 350 F. Thaw shells for 15 min at room temperature.
  2. Take a medium bowl add Butter. Break the egg and add to bowl and whisk it together.   Add Corn Starch and Maple Syrup whisk until everything is well combined. 
  3. Add apple cubes and chopped almonds to this mixture and mix it well so that fruit and nuts are coated with mixture.
  4. Place the Phyllo shells on a Baking Sheet. Drop Spoonful of this mixture into shells carefully.
  5. Bake these at 350 F for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  6. Take them out of Oven and Let them cool before Serving. 

  • If you don't have time to keep the butter at room temperature, microwave it for 30 sec until it becomes soft. 
  • You can replace Corn Starch + Maple Syrup with 2 Tbsp of Corn Syrup, if you have it handy. 

will be back with another easy holiday recipe
Stay Warm and Happy Cooking until then!

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