Feb 14, 2011

Bell Pepper Boiled Egg Breakfast Burrito

Let me start this post with a question 'How many of you Like Omelet Compared to Boiled Egg?' If you say yes, then you are like many people just like me. If you say no, you are like few exceptions just like my son.  I can stop judging people now ;-), and coming to the point, because of sticky yolk or yellow several people don't prefer boiled egg compared to other forms like omelet or scrambled.

Hence I have started trying more recipes with boiled egg because it's the most healthy form of eating egg. What I have noticed is if you mix it with other crunchy and crispy things then the sticky yellow does not feel sticky and does not bother you. I have started using that in salads, sandwiches and started liking it a lot. Here is the another innovation with boiled egg.
Sharing a Recipe for you to Enjoy!

Boiled Egg
Bell Pepper - 1/2
salt - 1 tsp
black pepper - 1/2 tsp
Mexican cheese - 1 Tbsp
Wheat Tortilla - 1

1. Chop the Bell Pepper into small pieces and microwave on High for 2 min. or until you see wrinkles on the bell pepper skin.
2. Slice the Boiled Egg into thin slices using Egg Slicer. (This is the first time I have used it since I bought this from 5 years ago in India.) (look in the picture)
3. Heat the Non Stick pan, Warm the Wheat tortilla on both sides.
4. Then top it with bell pepper, sprinkle salt and black pepper
5. Top with Boiled Egg Slices and Cheese.
6. Roll it carefully like a Burrito and keep it on the pan for 1 more min, turning on all sides until the cheese melts.
7. Cut into Half and serve.

This 'One in all Breakfast' is Quick, Easy, healthy and Yummy! Hurry Up now, and impress your hubby with warm and protein filled breakfast or pack this as lunch for your kiddos lunch box. 

Nutritional Info:
This is serves Complex Carbohydrates, Protein, Vegetables and Dairy in moderation.

Serving Tip:
You can eat this as a breakfast or you can even eat 2 of these and call it a lunch. Or Pack it in your little ones lunch box.

  • I have used Mexican Cheese to add some nice color and spiciness
  • You can try other cheese as well like Cheddar or Pepper Jack. 
  • I have used sprouted grain tortilla. You can use any of your favorite or healthy one.

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  1. That looks fantastic, warm, filling, tasty and easy to eat on the move.

    Thanks for taking part in Breakfast Club.

  2. First time here.....

    U have a wonderful space..

    Glad to follow u :)

    Check my space when u find time

  3. Heavenly. If u serve breakfast like this Mythreyi i will be ever so happy.
    and if my presentation is 1/2 as beautiful as yours my hubby will be very surprised.

  4. Now after seeing your post, I am hungry again after a heavy lunch. Sigh!
    looks delicious :)

    US Masala

  5. Oh yummy! I love eggs for breakfast. I must try it this way as well! Thank you for sharing : )



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