Feb 3, 2011

My Early Morning Trip to Grocery Store

Today  I had to go to grocery store for the milk, as I have to pick up Abhi (my son) in the evening from school and have a lunch meeting at work, so the only time I have is, to go in the early morning on the way to home from Gym. Yesterday night it self I have browsed and looked for the Super Target (as this is my favorite store and near by) hours, and disappointed as it only opens at 8:00. So now my second option is Kroger and Yayy! it opens at 6:00.

So on the way from gym to store, I am kind of excited, not because i had a terrific workout as I am hooked on to Tori with Ilayaraja hits, but with my early morning trip to grocery store.

I have never been to grocery shopping at this odd hour (6: 15 a.m), I am glad i did that, other wise I wouldn't have owned these indulgences.

The entrance of Kroger is beautifully decorated with all the Red Heart shaped balloons, Chocolates, Roses and Bears etc. Then only I realized we have already entered into February - the month of love. Then I remembered the Super Bowl Gatherings, have signed up for Sugar Cookies for Abhi's School event and Promised Valentine dish my darling hubby.  (A lot more to cook.....)

From long time, I was in search of different shapes of cookie cutters to make fun shapes for my kids. I was in the right time to buy, so I have quickly picked up the milk (first things first),  and started my exploration in the Valentine aisle.  Then I found these nice cookie cutters (only  for $1.99). (My first treasure during the trip).

Then I saw these big pile of books ( mostly cook books) on sale. I have quickly browsed many, but this particular one, win my heart with the colorful pictures of mini deserts decorated in cute little dishes. ($1.99 told you it was on sale). I can't wait to cook all these cool looking desserts. (My Second Pleasure during the trip)

In the next moment, A Heart shaped beautiful bowl in red color attracted me, I though it would be perfect to showcase all my valentine dishes and recipes here. When I look at it, looked very rich and resembled a lot like glass finish. And carefully picked it up, wondering how expensive it would me, Oh! very light, made of plastic and only 0.99 cents. So i dropped that in my shopping cart with out second thought.

Usually I am not a big fan of desserts, you can tell that by now that there are 0 recipes under desserts section in my blog. But rest of my family got quite a 'sweet tooth'. So this year I am determined to explore new desserts by cooking and/or baking.
So hear I am entering into the month of love with the plan of making more dessert / sweet / cookie related dishes. (recipes will come in next posts).

Overall, I loved my early morning trip, as I can park in the first spot closest to the store, no rush in the aisles and quick check out at the registers, and more over I got my greatest treasures only for under $5.

That was about 'My Early Morning Trip to Grocery Store'. Thanks for riding with me.... Hope you enjoyed it too. :-)

Take care until next time



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