Jun 20, 2011

Landed in Mother Land

Dear Readers,

There is a good valid reason for my absense in the blog world from the past one month. I have been crazily busy with shopping and packing to set our new nest in the mother land. It has been a rough roller coaster ride with up & downs, high and lows and with lot of emotions to leave friends and with excitement to meet parents and to witness the beautiful weather, localisum, priceless cute small things that instantly makes our souls happy and to experience terrible traffic, too much crowds, busy life style. Either it's going to be rocky or rosy, it's our country and we are looking forward for the wonderful stay.

On the other side it's an opportunity for me to explore more local foods, street foods, south indian delicasies, witness all soughts of restuarants. Don't envy me.... I promise to bring all my food experiences to you with out any miss so that you  don't miss any. so keep following and checking for more updates.

take care until next time

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