Jul 1, 2011

How to - Soft Boiled Eggs

One can think how easy it is to boil the eggs. But not for me, I used to struggle always how many minutes i should boil, to get the perfect soft boiled eggs. My mom's tip is to always boil for 15 min, to get the perfect softness. I have followed that, but i used to have problems like shell getting stuck to egg and and the yolk becomes like yash color.
I always love to make deviled eggs recipe for kids when ever i sign up for potluck at kid's day care and school. And one day I have researched enough and browsed many tips to get the soft boiled eggs. And since then i follow these tips and never seen a failure with perfect soft boiled eggs. If you have struggle stories like me with boiled eggs, here I am sharing my tips to save your time. :-)

How to Boil Eggs:
1. Take the Eggs in Stock pot, and fill with water until the eggs are fully dipped in water.
2. Boil the eggs along with the water for 15 min.
3. Immediately turn off the stove and remove the boiled eggs from hot water and place them in cool water
4. Then take each egg and pat them on all sides on hard surface (counter top) until you see the cracks on shell and leave them in the cold water. Repeat this process for all eggs.
5. Then start taking the first egg and remove the shell which comes off with a soft layer which is intact with the egg. remove the shell gently ( you will notice now the shell comes off very easily with  out sticking to egg and breaking) and Ta Daaa! soft boiled eggs are ready.
6. Wash them under running water and Cut them into half, you will be surprised at the bright Yellow Yolk and the soft white on the out side.

Wat's the Trick:
When we leave the eggs in the boiled water or hot water for some time, then the chemical reaction happens between the yolk and white part in egg which in turn makes the yolk yash color than yellow.
And also the Layer in between shell and white part becomes hard, making the removing shell hard. When we transfer into cold water, the layer is still soft and helps to remove the shell easily.

Now use your soft boiled eggs unlimitedly in breakfasts, deviled eggs, curries, biryanies etc.

Have fun until next time


  1. I do drop eggs in cold water after boiling dem..gud post 4 beginners

  2. I add salt to the water about 1 tablespoon so the shell peel with one whack.
    Useful post!

  3. very nicely explained, Mythreyi :) I too have some issues with this the RARE occasions I've made them --- but I will try your cold water trick - Thanks dear and have a wonderful weekend! hugs, priya

  4. Thanks Ladies.

    @Archana, I have never tried that salt trick, will try and update my post too with that. Thanks for sharing dear!!




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