Feb 13, 2012

Valentines Day Treats

Dear Readers,

Happy Valentines Day to you and your beloved ones. In the beginning i don't used to get the concept of Valentines Day, I used to think, When we love some one, why do we need to express it only on one particular Day?  And then I came to realize, we know we love our beloved ones always and every single moment of our life, and in this busy life, some times may be we forget to express or share it to them, or don't find time ( one common excuse :-) )  to tell them how much we love them. So, Having reasons like these V-days, will help to make us some time to do it. After appreciating the fact of this Love Day, I feel like we should have this day once is a month.  :-)

Chocolate Covered Spritz cookies

There is a feel that V-day means it is only for Girls, always Boys are the only ones who end up buying gifts or flowers. I feel like it's not only for Girls, when it is about expressing love, why it should only limited to Guys? And we girls don't expect the expensive gifts, we cherish those small joys of togetherness moments than Diamonds.

You can wake up early than her and make her a cup of coffee while she is in the bed, or surprise him with an unexpected Love Note or Make his favorite Dinner and make it special with Candles or take her to a special place that you have never been and surprise her or make him relax to his fav soothing music and give a gentle massage or just cuddle up and remember how you first met him/her and laugh at all those sweet nothings that you had.

Do something special than routine, put a smile on your spouse face or give that charm of surprise in their eyes.  Enjoy these Moments of Love together...!!

So coming to my recipe, last year I made some spritz (butter and sugar) cookies with all the fun loving shapes, while remembering that recipe, today I am sharing some simple but special touches I gave to these cookies.


Spritz Cookies ( mini or heart shaped) - 10
Dark Chocolate - 1 or 2 oz


Heat the Water in the Double Boiler. If you don't have the double boiler, heat the water in medium stock pot. and put wider or bigger bowl ( that shouldn't dip into the stock pot) on top of the pot. And place the chocolate in the top bowl.  This is the procedure to melt the chocolate consistently. (You can melt the chocolate in microwave also, but you have to be careful and you won't get this smooth and consistency.)  Once the whole chocolate melts evenly, Switch off the heat and take the bowl from the stove.

And now carefully dip half of the cookie on both sides (front and back) in the melted chocolate and place them on a plate. Repeat this procedure until all the cookies are done and place this plate refrigerator to cool for 10 to 15 min. (If you are fond of nuts, after dipping the chocolate you can roll them in nuts).

You can do the same procedure with Strawberries also.

Now express your love with these cookies and Enjoy with your spouse for the evening coffee.

Other Ideas:
Don't have time to bake these cookies or Is it too late that you woke up with out any plans for V-day? don't loose your heart... here are some quick ideas...

Server your routine Idli, by cutting into Heart shape ( you can use cookie cutter to cut)

  1. Cut your Pancakes into heart shapes and serve with syrup. 
  2. Make heart shape on your pancakes with maple syrup and fill that with strawberry slices. 
  3. Make a sunny side Toast but try it with heart shape for the egg. 
  4. Make mini heart shaped Utappams.

Enjoy the small and sweet moments of love....


  1. cookies look delicious and love the heart shaped idli's :)

  2. WOW..I love this..Thanks for posting it Dear..


  3. Wow my their...these cookies look absolutely delicious...u made it just perfect.....n happy valentines day to u :-)



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