Mar 19, 2012

Choco Nutty Bars ( No Bake and No Egg)

When It comes to meeting the Team whether it is in Dallas or Bangalore, It does not stop me from indulging them with treats in order to appreciate team's efforts towards our product, more over I believe Food always brings people together and adds little fun to the team. and When it is Homemade, it's really special for them. :-) As my team has sweet tooth (unlike me),  I wanted to make something sweet and chocolaty, but I also wanted it to be quick. Oh Boy, That's the real challenge for me then! At that time, Aarathi's No Bake Choco Bars recipe comes to my rescue. I have made some variations by adding Walnuts to the original recipe. Here is the recipe, Enjoy!

Can you believe, our day to day tea time companion Mary Biscuits is the Main Ingredient in this!!!!

Condensed Milk - 400 g ( 1 can)
Butter - 100 g
Cocoa Powder ( Unsweetened) - 4 Tbsp
Vanilla Essence - 2 tsp
Walnuts ((chopped)) - 1/2 cup
Mary Biscuits - 30


  1. First break the biscuits roughly and grind them into rough textured powder. 
  2. Take a Non-stick pan and Add the Butter, Condensed Milk, Cocoa Powder and Vanilla Essence.
  3. Heat the Pan Stove with medium heat, stir it until the butter melts completely. and Mix it very well.
  4. Take it off from heat and add the Biscuit Mixture and Walnuts. mix it well so that it forms like a sticky dough.
  5. Take a Pan and place Parchment Paper or Aluminium foil. Spread this dough evenly in the pan.
  6. Chill it in the Fridge and wait patiently for an hour or two.
  7. Take it out and cut into squares, serve with ice cream or as it is.
This has become my son's after school snack routine, these days. After making this once, I kept these ingredients handy in the pantry to serve this quick and rich dessert for those unexpected Guests. Isn't that something!!!  

Wait a sec, What is that big scream from my living room, Oh, Did we just won the India - Pakistan Cricket Match?  Hurray, One more excuse to celebrate and indulge with food..... ;-)  Come Here Again, to check with which Desert We celebrate this.... :-)

  • If my US friends are wondering about Biscuits,  in India they are nothing but Crackers. You can use Graham Crackers instead of Mary Biscuits in this recipe.
  • You have to heat the milk until the butter melts completely and boils little bit. Otherwise your supposed be sticky dough will be little runny. 
linking this to Kavi's No Sugar and No flour Desserts event

Happy ChocolatyNutting... Until we meet here...


  1. No bake sounds interesting and the bars look tempting.
    For the falafel, you can use chickpeas also.

  2. wow...delicious choco bars bake sounds interesting....I would love to try this out ! bookmarked !

  3. Great looking bars that too no bake vl try this and lovely presentation. Very very nice!

  4. Delicious looking squares. Would love to have a bite out of that now...

  5. looks so delicioius and very easy to make...I will try this for sure..

  6. awesome bars...hope you like it, thanks for trying it dear

  7. wow this is so interesting and easy!!

  8. yummy chocholates. love the additions



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