Jun 8, 2012

Light Box - A Surprise Gift for Birthday Gal!

Yes that is for me! :-) I got to admit that with out my man I shouldn't have cooked these many recipes so far, VJ is the best cheer leader and critic in my food blogging journey. He always supports me by providing his comments or compliments and of course being the physical victim for all the food i make. ;-) He is into Photography from the past few years...Aha, hold on your thoughts about thinking about my food pictures...  Though he never took pictures of my food (he is interested more in architectural and nature photography), he always gives some nice tips and comments about taking Sharp and Crisp pictures. I agree with him, I should have improved in some of my clicks. He always suggests to coordinate the colors and use the balanced light (or white balance) for the crisp pictures.  I am not good at these two factors in my food pictures, But I have learned from my short research that Light Box is the right tool to address these two things. There are some nice articles on how to make this Light Box at home and DIY -Light Box projects from my fellow bloggers. But I was just Lazy to make these on my own, though some seem to be simple to do.

Light Box Kit with Back Drops

You can easily attach the different back drops based on your food

You can close the front as well and there is a slit available to accommodate your camera lens, this is perfect way to get balanced light for your food pictures.

On his recent trip to states, VJ got a surprise gift for me (which is not usual), and that is this Readymade Light Box-Kit. (which is always on my mind to buy and in my wish list).  This looked very unique with it's easily fold-able deign which makes it portable and looks cute. It comes with 4 bright color back-drops which can be easily attached in side this light box. (and they are washable too...). I have already experimented with some of the food pictures and needless to say they came out Superb with less effort. I think this the right tool i needed to improve my clicks, and that encouraged me to make some more new dishes.. Thanks for the thoughtful Gift, Honey! (and now it's your turn to taste all those new dishes.. :-))

Fotoiox comes with 4 different bright color back drops.

Note: The only problem I have with this is not able to take the Top View of my food pictures. Wait a minute, I just got a thought, Make be I can turn this so that slit opens up to the top.. What an Idea sir ji, got to try that... and shall update the results of that... see, I am still experimenting with it.... so far so good, I am happy with this basic light box. :-)

Here are some of the pictures I have taken recently with this Light-box.
Sabudanna Kichidi
Biyyapu Ravva Upma

Raw Papaya Curry
Popcorn Chicken
I haven't experimented taking pictures by attaching the lights with this light-box yet, as most of the pictures I have taken are in Day Light. To take pictures in the night, You will need 2 lights with stands and you have make them stand or angle such a way that they the light will be focused on the side. So now you can cook Day and Night....  Seriously most of the times I will be in the mood to cook in the evening times, due to this light problem, I postpone that to day time waiting for the day light. Now, that won't be problem any more ... :-)!!

hope these tips will be helpful to you...Have a Great Day!


  1. That's indeed a valuable present Mythreyi,especially for a blogging girl..Happy B'Day to you as well..Hugs,

  2. Happy birthday to u .. A very useful gift for food photography :-))

  3. Happy B'day dear.. keep rocking :)

  4. Happy bday Mythreyi :) Have a rocking year ahead!!! How thoughful, great gift, enjoy clicking!!!

  5. Hi Mythreye,

    You have one birthday gift at


    Do collect and ENJOY!!!

  6. Happy birthday. pics look really attractive with light box

  7. Happy birthday dear, hope you had a fabulous day..Hey thats a lovely gift for a food blogger like this..Fantastic.

  8. Thank you my dear Friends for your wishes!! Like your support and comments always, Love you all!! :-)

  9. Belated Birthday wishes to you! Nice gift for a food blogger! :)

  10. Useful and valuable gift...for someone to whom you care about.

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