Oct 10, 2012

Kids Breakfast Menu ~ #1

Lot of my friends and relatives are asking me to post the breakfast ideas for kids from long time. After I posted some lunch box ideas (for Adults), then the demand was more for kiddo's  breakfast and lunch box ideas too.

There is a saying  "You Should Eat Breakfast like a King, eat Lunch like a Prince and eat Dinner like a Beggar". As I don't truly follow that completely, I follow that at least for Breakfast. :-)

As my kids are not going to school yet, I haven't started packing lunch yet, But I give lot of stress on breakfast. Breakfast is the important meal in the whole day, which starts your day with great energy. I don't want to compromise on break fast and do the same for kids. I always try to balance the breakfast diet by including Whole Grains, Protein, Fiber. (and do eat the same breakfast to be the role model for them, OfCourse along with my morning coffee, can't skip that ;-) )

Usually I put together a Breakfast Menu for a Month and will change it by updating the choices every month so that it makes interesting for the kids too. This saves me tons of time in the morning and with out a thought  I know what should I make for kids breakfast and helps me to shop precisely :-). Hope this come handy for you too!! Enjoy!!

Monday Multi Grain Waffles with Honey and Berries
Tuesday Boiled Egg and Fresh Orange Juice
Wednesday Oatmeal with Milk, Honey, and Pecans and Apple Slices
Thursday Pancakes & Banana
Friday Omelet with Cheese and Vegetables
Saturday Milk & Cookies
Sunday Multi Grain Cheerios with Milk

Note: On Weekends I will go little easy, to give break for myself. :-)

Take Care


  1. Nicely made kid's breakfast chat dear. Love it.

    Today's recipe:

  2. Nice options kids will love it

  3. Very interesting and creative esp for kids

  4. Fantastic menu, definitely kids will love it.

  5. woww...very interesting recipe..
    happy to follow u..

    would be glad if u follow back :)


    1. Welcome to Yum! Yum! Yum! Shilpy... Glad to keep in touch!

  6. Hi Mythreyi first time here love the breakfast chart.Happy to follow u.Do visit my blog.

    1. Welcome to Yum! Yum! Yum!, Vineela! You have a nice blog too, Glad to be in touch with you..!!



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