Jan 2, 2013

Pumpkin Bundt Cake ~ Guest Post

First of all I wish you a Happy New Year to all my dear readers! With out you and your support neither this blog exists nor i would get energy to continue posting new and innovative recipes. Thank you once again! Well this is a New Year, you can ask me 'What is your Resolution?'. I don't believe in having New year resolutions etc... because i believe in, to have a resolution you don't need a New Year, it can be any day if you start with strong determination. Now the good news is I am with strong determination to bring on some fusion recipes to your plate in this new year 2013, and also I am planning to try my hand at  healthy Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine this year. Yipee, Fun, Fun with Fusion!

Pumpkin Bundt Cake ~ Guest Post for Archana!

And I don't want to stop my excitement there because there is another exciting thing and that is to be a Guest for my wonderful and dearest blog friend Archana! What a wonderful way to start this new year by being some ones guest in this virtual food blog world! I met this wonderful lady Archana through Indi Blogger in my initial blogging days ( in 2010), since then she never misses to drop a comment on my space. As she is a busy working mom with her two young active daughters, i can relate to her so much in this blogging world and we became virtual friends through our comments in our spaces. Frankly her interesting blog name 'The Mad Scientist's Kitchen' kept me hooked on to her wonderful space. How true? Won't we all like mad scientists in our labs called Kitchens, experimenting with  all interesting ingredients and balancing with spice equations to only come up with wonderful edible products that creates memories in our mouth. She comes from Goa and i like all her Goan dishes esp the Raw Mango recipes, and she got good hand at baking and I am fond of all her chocolate recipes. She is very active in blogging world and into Blogging Marathons, Baking challenges. I wonder how she manages all this while working and her hard work and dedication towards blogging always inspires me. Here are some of the recipes i like from her space...

Interesting right, Go check it for your self and find your favorites too at her space..!

So when you are being a guest, you can't go with empty hands, so I baked this wonderful Pumpkin Bundt cake for Archana!  Though the main ingredient is Pumpkin, but the small quantities of spices (nutmeg and cinnamon) play big role in bringing the warmth in this cake. It's like serving a bowlful of spice and warmth. How cool is that for this winter?
a bowlful of warmth and spice!
Get my recipe and witness some more pictures from Archana's space.

I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year Again!


  1. Wish you a Happy New Year!
    Lovely cake and a great post on Archana's space!

  2. Happy new year wishes to you and your family.jJust went through Archana's space.Kudos to both of you.

  3. happy new year to u and ur family.. Lovely cake

  4. Hi Happy New Year. Seems like we agree on lot of things right from no resolutions to great start to the year. Thanks you have a great way with words I feel like I am the greatest:)
    Thanks dear for the lovey words and the lovely post

  5. lovely cake.. a very grt year ahead..

  6. I have always wanted to try making a bundt cake - the shape itself is so tempting! Looks awesome...so soft! Happy new year Mythreyi :)



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