May 30, 2013

Angel Hair Pasta with Mushrooms and Peas

These days I have been making lot of different pastas for supper, Vj and Kids have been enjoying the pasta recipes for Supper. So far, I have tried elbows, macaroni, penne, shells, spaghetti etc Today it's Angel Hair's turn to get twisted in my hands. As this pasta is pretty long and like Noodles, kids will have difficulty in eating, so today I have tried a trick. Before cooking the pasta I have broken them at the middle into half, that resulted in medium length pasta which is convenient for kids. That trick worked great and Kids enjoyed the pasta. here is the recipe, Njoy!

Angel Hair Pasta - 1 small packet ( or a fistful)
Mushrooms - 1/2 cup
Green Peas - 1/2 cup ( frozen)
Olive Oil - 2 Tbsp
Garlic - 2 cloves ( minced)
Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce - 1 cup ( I have used Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce)
Dry Basil - 1 tsp
salt  - 1/2 tsp
black pepper - 1/4 tsp

Angel Hair Pasta broken into half

  1. Cook the Pasta according to package directions and set it in a colander and let it cool.
  2. In a sauce pan add 1 Tbsp Olive Oil, once the oil is hot, add the chopped garlic (to get the effect of garlic infused oil). Add chopped Mushrooms to the pan and saute them well until they are soft ( for 3 to 4 min), 
  3. Add the thawed green peas to the pan and saute them for 1 min. Add salt, black pepper and dry basil.
  4. Now add the Pasta Sauce to the pan and toss it together with veggies.

How to Serve It:
Add cooked pasta to the Serving plate, top with some olive oil. Now add Pasta Sauce with veggies to the pasta. Sprinkle some Parmesan Cheese. Serve immediately with red wine. Hmmmm Flavorful Bliss!


  • Do not wash the Mushrooms, wipe them with wet towel to clean the dirt. Remove the stem and chop them into slices. Cleaning Mushrooms wiht water will make it soggy in yoru dishes.
  • Do not add pasta to the Sauce pan and mix it together. Angel hair pasta is very delicate and it can break quickly making your pasta distorted.
  • Do not over heat the Olive Oil.
  • You can other Garden vegetables like Carrot and Broccoli to add some color and crunch.

Hope you have enjoyed this simple and quick Pasta recipe!

Take care until we meet here again


  1. Hi Mythrei, Pasta looks awesome. Clicks are wonderful as well.

  2. Beautiful and tempting. Amazing flavours :) :)

  3. scrumptious Pasta with tangy tomato sauce....

  4. Delicious pasta with veggies.

  5. Love to finish that whole plate rite now,irresistible and seriously tempting.

  6. I am more than happy to see tasty pasta. I am new to Angel Hair Pasta but curious to prepare and taste is without further delay. I cook various Indian Food Recepies but now willing to learn other dishes too.

  7. Wowww.... I simply love this dish!!! :)



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