Dec 8, 2013

Comforting Menu for a Freezing Cold Day

From the past 3 days it's freezing here in DFW area. Three days ago, a whole night of Freezing Rain happened which resulted in piling up almost 2 inch thick ICE layer on the roads and making everything shutdown in Dallas. The following two freezing temp days ( High 20 Low 10 in F) didn't help in melting that ICE. Luckily it happened on Friday ( School is Closed for Kids) and continued for the whole weekend. Hence I am locked in the house with Kiddos from the past 3 days. There are some power outages in some areas, I am really feeling bad for those households and at the same time being prepared with keeping some candles handy ( just in case).  As we can't go outside and kiddos are bored with being stuck to TV, to break out of this boring routine, I have involved them in cooking today and we put together a Comfort Meal for this Cold Weather.  Luckily I still got some fresh veggies and staples that allowed to make this meal happen. If this continues for another 2 days, i will be out of veggies and may have to rely on Quick Noodles or Mac n Cheese then.

This is the menu we came up with to keep it simple, quick and zesty! Hope this will come handy for your next Freezing Cold Day!

Palakura Pappu (Spinach Dal)

Tandoori Nan 

White Rice

Curd (Homemade Yogurt)

Here is another picture for you with the Snowy Background:
Did you notice the piled up Icy Snow in our backyard in the background?

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Note: Tandoori Nan is instant store-bought version. I love Tandoori Chef Brand for these Nans. I used to get these from Sprouts, but now they are available in Costco which makes it economical to buy in bulk.

stay warm and take care!


  1. Perfect winter season menu..loving all the dishes.

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm tempting and inviting dishes.

  3. The snow doesn't sound good at all, but the food looks good and would be so perfect for a cold weather like that.



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