Jan 27, 2021

Veg & Egg Puffs ~ Kids Corner

When I was a kid Puff is an exotic snack, matter of fact any bakery items are like that, since these can't happen at home like any other regular snack or deep fried snack. But Thanks to this country (US) where Oven is default gadget in the kitchen and any bakery items can be made in jiffy with less effort. So recently when our cousin came to US for studies and visited us, I made these Veg Puffs possible when he mentioned he is craving for those. He astonished with thought itself that Puffs can be home made and later thrilled how easy it was to make once you have Puff Pastry Sheets at hand, and very happy at the end how tasty they turned out. ( yeah we got him trained on how to make best Puffs!;-)). Usually these are very addictive for me, that's why i don't keep these Pastry Sheets handy, otherwise I will eat more than my kids. Though it is quick and easy snack, it is little on the high calorie side, Kids can handle it well as they are at growing age, for grown-ups watch out for calorie intake and limit with at most 1 or 2 in a batch. I have to warn you because these are so addictive. Here is the recipe, Njoy!


Puff Pastry Sheets - 2 (I always use Pepperidge Farm Brand)

Potato Filling - 1 cup

Boiled Eggs - 2 ( 4 - halves)

*yields - 10 Puffs


Thaw the pastry sheets for about 1 hour

Cut each boiled egg into half, you will have 4 halves

Before they go in Oven, notice the ridge effect!


  1. Unfold the pastry sheets cut into equal pieces (each pastry sheet you will get about 5 puffs)
  2. On each puff sheet, place potato filling on one side and fold it with other side so that they are closed like book. Seal the edges by pressing with fork, it gives nice ridge effect. 
  3. Use Egg halves (facing Yellow/Yolk part down side) as filling in some sheets and repeat the process until all sheets are done
  4. Heat Oven to 400 F, arrange the prepared Puffs on Baking Sheet. 
  5. Once oven is pre-heated, bake Puffs for about 15 to 17 min. (watch out the last 2 min to avoid any burns or over baking)
  6. Once oven is done Ta daaa, Hot Veg  and Egg Puffs are Ready to be served. Serve as it is and with some ketch-up on the side.
Hot and Tasty Puffs Ready!


  1. Thawing the pastry sheets is the only critical step you need to remember (so plan accordingly). Keep the sheets at room temperature to thaw at noon, in case you are making these as evening snack. 
  2. To save time, I keep Potatoes and Eggs in Pot in Pot, in Insta Pot, Pressure Cook mode for 10 min, so that boiling can be done at once.
  3. Optionally You can apply egg wash on each of the Puff before it goes to Oven to get nice char effects on top (just like the bakery ones)
  4. If you want to experiment more, having less puff sheet and more filling, then you can use half of the sheet, place filling in the middle and fold the sheet on four corners. it looks like a flower shape. 
  5. Or you can keep the filling one side of big pastry sheet (with out cutting into small pieces) and fold and roll like a log, cut the log into circles and bake. You will get like pin wheel shape snack.  (for this shape, baking 14 to 15 min is enough, otherwise they get burnt)
Puffs experimented in many forms! :-) ( Flowers and PinWheels shape in one plate)

Hope you have enjoyed this Yummy and Exotic Snack Recipe, 
Will be back with another one soon
Until then Keep Smiling and Spread the Joy

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