Mar 5, 2011

Scrambled Tofu and Veggie Breakfast Wrap

This is an easy breakfast made with left overs from last night. This is filling, light - lean , healthy and convenient to take on the go. Check out the Scrambled Tofu and Vegetables recipe.

Chapathi - 1
Scrambled Tofu and Vegetable Mixture - 1/3 cup
Taco Blend Cheese - 1 tbsp

How to Make it:
1. Heat the non stick pan and heat the chapati/tortialla.
2. Spread the Tofu and vegetable mixture on the roti.
3. Sprinkle with some mexican taco blend cheese.
4. Once the cheese starts melting roll it and leave it on the pan rotating on all sides.
5. So the melted cheese seals the roll.
6. Once it is cool, cut into half and serve with Spicy Salsa.

I am sending this to Charitha's B for Breakfast Event at Women's Era.

I am also sending this to Priya's Fastfood not FAT Food event at Now Serving.

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