May 6, 2012

Chocolate Milk Shake - with left over Cake

Yesterday I have made some chocolate cake upon my son's request. Summer Vacation for the kids means, we have to come up with creative ways to entertain them. These days, get to involve in cooking with mom has been fun for my son Abhi ( 5 years). What amuses me is, He goes to Pantry and finds the Chocolate Cake Mix and turns it back reads the ingredients loud to me and opens the fridge checks for eggs, butter, oil etc ( what ever is needed ) and reassures to me 'Maa, we had enough eggs, let's us make Chocolate Cake!!!' :-)). As we went to my native recently, my pantry and fridge is loaded with sweets. I knew his little request for chocolate cake is to kill the time and entertain himself with some activity, so i refused to bake this cake. As he kept insisting me to make the cake, i had no easy way to get away with out baking this cake, to keep him entertain. (At least, this is known thing to me and better than finding new ways to entertain him, thought to my self.) :-))

You must be wondering where this is going and how it is related to Milkshake. As my gut feeling said, he ate only some chocolate cake and did not eat the cake but kept eating the other sweets that we already have.. These Kids na ....Tell me about it? As I ended up with almost half chocolate cake, I gave some creative hitch to this and turned the cake into milkshake... This milkshake cooled off my tired son, with his summer play in this hot summer and finished my left over cake. That's one smart mom's trick!! Now it's your turn to give that left over cake a new shape with this smart recipe!!

Chocolate Ice Cream - 1 scoop
Milk - 1 cup
Chocolate Cake - 1 medium piece
Ice cubes  - 2 ( optional)

Blend the Chocolate Ice Cream, Milk along with the Ice. At the end add the chocolate cake and pulse few times. so that the chocolate cake will be minced  but does not dissolves into the shake completely. It will be like small cake granules at the end of milk shake.

Shave some chocolate on top, for that special touch!!

When you take a sip, you will get a small pieces of cake that melts along with the milk shake drops in your mouth will be a total new and chill experience for you and your kiddo.!! Now have a sip or gulp and Just Chill.....

Usually after the kids  birthday parties, we will be left with lot of left over cake, now this recipe comes to rescue to convert your cake to shake and gives a boost to your morning breakfast.

If you don't like too cold or don't like the ice, you can avoid it. In that case make sure you use chilled milk.

Until i come here with one more cool recipe, Just Chillll...



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