May 4, 2012

Omelet Dosa { Video Recipes }

When my mom visited me in Dallas, she shared this recipe with us on one fine morning for breakfast. She saw this recipe some where or in one of the cook show. It's like mixing the american and indian breakfast together in this recipe. And sure became the winner in our house then, as VJ liked it. When ever  I make Dosa batter it runs for 2 days at least. At least once I make sure to do this 'Omelet Dosa' as this is a protein packed breakfast with out loosing your indian twist. When you roll this it can be easily packed into kids lunch box or it can be your grab-and-go breakfast. Here is the recipe, Enjoy!

Omelet Dosa

Dosa Batter - 1/3 cup
Egg - 1
salt - 1/4 tsp
black pepper - 1/4 tsp
red chili powder - 1/4 tsp
oil - 1 tsp

Heat the Dosa pan or griddle. (wait for 1 min, so that the pan will be hot).
Pour the Dosa Batter on griddle and spread like a big round with the spatula.
Beat the egg in a bowl;  add salt and black pepper and whisk it properly.
Pour this egg mixture on the dosa batter on the pan.

and spread it evenly. sprinkle the oil around  the dosa.

sprinkle the red chili powder on top. 

Now turn the dosa onto the other side carefully ( with out spilling the egg on the side)

 and turn it back and roll it and take off from the heat and serve this in a plate. 

You can eat it as it is as some spice is packed into this or can be eaten with sambar or some spicy pickle.

  • Coconut or peanut chutney does not go well with this because of the omelet taste. 
  • You can add some chopped onions also this dosa for some crunch.
  • this will be a perfect lunch box item for your kiddos.

take care until we meet here


  1. Lovely and interesting recipe.. nice shots too :)
    Indian Cuisine

  2. Moms food is alwaysss yumyyyyy

  3. This looks delicious

  4. like the twist you mom has given...

  5. hi mythreyi, this sure is a nutritous way for breakfast and appetizing too.
    But of course i would still eat this with curry. ha ha have a nice day

  6. Looks yum will try it sometime soon. Thanks for your understanding comment.



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