Jun 30, 2012

Jilebi and Gits Product Review

There are always some street favorites in every town. In my town Tenali, there is a street which is famous for Jilebi and Chegodi. Every day evening around 5:00 the shops on this street make Jilebi and serve them Hot which are very tasty. I always wanted to make this Jilebi, but after knowing the difficult in making those spirals, never dared to attempt. But during my recent Grocery shopping, I found this Gits Jielbi Mix which comes with the Jilebi Maker. That made me feel confident that making Jilebi at home can be possible. :-) So I have bought it and tried, they came out really well. And this Jilebi Maker will be very useful next time when I master to make Jilebi Batter. :-).  

Gits ready mixes are famous I have tried Rava Idli when I was in states, they used to come very well as if I made with the fresh batter. And Today this Gits Jilebi Mix and Maker proved again the success of the Gits ready mix. 

Gits Jilebi Mix - 1 packet
Gud ( Bellam) (Brown Sugar) - 1/2 cup

Oil - for deep frying

1. Mix the contents of the packets per instructions like a batter.
2. Pour this batter into the Jilebi Maker Bottle that comes with this Gits Paket
3. Heat the Oil in the non-stick pan
4. Once the oil is hot you start dropping the jilebi shapes. Starts from inside small circle and make it outside circles and close it with a twist. ( if you don't close the outer circle gets separates with out making it in closed shape).
5. Once it is turning light brown and turn it carefully and cook it on other side. Once it becomes light brown or golden color on both sides then it is done. Repeat the same steps until you are done with the batter. ( Make small shapes, it is easy to turn them and cook them quickly)
6. Shred the Gud; Heat 1/2 cup of water in the pot and add shredded Gud to it. It starts becomes like glue (caramelized syrup).  Take a small plate with water, and add a drop of this syrup it starts forming like solid, that is when this syrup is ready to use.
7. Once the syrup is done, drop the cooked Jilebi into this syrup and take them out and put it in plate.
8. Repeat for all Jilebi like this, let them cool on the plate.

Serve these sweet bites little warm...and Enjoy!

On the box it say to dip them in Sugar Syrup. But I have tried it with Brown Sugar ( Gud/ Bellam) Syrup as this makes it authentic Jilebi.

Take care until we meet here again..


  1. wow.. yummy jalebi.. wish i could grab some..

  2. oh!! delicious jalebi!!
    if u have time plz visit my blog

  3. Wow.. the ready made mixes are great when unexpected guests arrive. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Galebis looks crisp and delicious...

  5. Hi Mythreyi ,

    after a long interval we met here :)))

    Jilebi Looks delicious and mouth watering !!!

    I love SWEETS :)))))

    Keep on Dear...

    1. I don't have sweet tooth as such, but rest of the family does.. so i got to cook for them :-). I was in the transition and busy with packing and international move.. so was handsful for a while..

  6. i make often from gits....your looks yummy and crispy...

  7. Good One !

  8. wow.. superb jalebi.. looks lovely:)



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