Aug 9, 2012

Mixed Veg Omelet Sandwich Rounds

Summer holidays means Fun for Kids and More Food Experimenting for Moms. During this summer holidays in India, Abhi and Anvi always wanted me to make something new for breakfast or snacks ( as they are not in a rush to go to school i guess :-)). I have tried  my best and ran out of all the breakfast ideas. Then the cookie cutters hinted me that I can  turn that same routine breakfast into super fun breakfast with all these different fun shapes. And today my son helped me to cut these shapes and came up with this name for this recipe. so proud of him, he is a big helper to mama in the kitchen these days. Here is the recipe, enjoy!

Egg - 2
Mixed veg - 1/2 cup ( frozen) ( or fresh carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, 1 Tbsp of each)
Bread slices - 4
Oil - 1 tbsp
slat - 1/2 tsp
black pepper - 1/ 4 tsp

* yields: 4 rounds
1 sandwich will make two rounds of this size

  1. Heat Oil in the non-stick omelet pan
  2. Thaw and saute the frozen mixed veg. If you are using fresh veggie, chop them into thin and small slices, so that they cook fast. saute these for 2 to 3 min. 
  3. Whisk the eggs with salt and pepper. 
  4. Pour this mixture on the mixed veg. Let the egg cook for 2 min and turn it over and let the other side cook for 2 more minutes. take it on the plate and turn off the heat
  5. Trim the edges of the bread. sandwich the omelet in between bread slices and press slightly so that it sticks to bread. then use your cookies cutter and start making fun shapes with it. ( use the simple shapes like star, heart etc, if you use some complex shapes, the bread will get stuck in the corners).
  6. I have just used the round ones today ( from any small jar or the tin from your Tadka Box will do good).
Serve to your kiddos, along withe some fruit. Now you can call that breakfast fun with the same old recipe. Done Deal!

My daughter enjoying the new look of this old recipe breakfast !!!

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!


  1. Very interesting idea to present breakfast to kids

  2. Yummy and healthy breakfast.

  3. Healthy breakfast, your kiddo looks cute

  4. Nice way to present it to kids....Filling breakfast..

  5. Lovely breakfast. Lovely pic of ur daughter.


  7. yes ur daughter must be very happy to find something interesting

  8. Definitely a nice way to make kids eat..Yummy and interesting.

  9. How do you come up with so many ideas for sandwiches?? Very nice..

  10. Vegetable omelet sandwich rounds looks delicious.

  11. Awesome idea of making healthy Sandwiches for kids.Anvi looks cute.



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