Aug 21, 2012

Spinach Mushroom Omelet

The flavors of spinach and mushroom blend together very well and both of these ingredients gets cooked fast also and has the best nutrition values. Then why not include this on our platter? So Today, I have tried this combination in my breakfast, of course along with eggs... and the result is Yumoooo Spinach Mushroom Omelet.  Here is the recipe... and make it your breakfast something different and flavorful today!
Spinach Mushroom Omelet
Egg  - 1
Baby Spinach - 1/2 cup
Bella Mushrooms - 3
Diced Red Pepper - 1 Tbsp (Optional)
Diced Onion  - 1 Tbsp
salt - 1 tsp
black pepper - 1/4 tsp
paprika - 1/4 tsp
oil - 1 tsp
salsa - 1 tbsp ( for topping)

Preparatory Steps:
  • Clean the mushrooms with wet cloth and remove the stems. and chop them into thin slices vertically.
  • chop the baby spinach roughly.
  • whisk the egg with salt, black pepper and paprika.
  1. Heat the oil in the nonstick pan.
  2. Add the chopped onion, red pepper followed by spinach and mushroom slices. Saute them for 2 min.
  3. pour the egg mixture on top and let it cook on one side. (2 min)
  4. Turn it on to other side and cook it for 2 more min.
  5. Remove it form the heat and transfer it to breakfast plate.

Top with some spicy salsa and Serve warm... This makes your Breakfast Savory and Delicious..

have a great day ahead,


  1. Love the addition of spinach and mushroom to eggs. I think they taste very good together.

  2. Wow love the twist in omelette ...

    Event: Dish name starts with N

  3. Delicious combo of spinach and mushroom in omelette. Healthy and wholesome breakfast.

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  4. Delicious omelet with mushroom and spinach.

  5. This is such a wonderful treat Mythreyi..I am tempted in a big way .

  6. Made this some time back, in a slightly different way:) Cooked any way this combo is a winner !

  7. i usually made omlette with mushrooms but its a great idea to add spinach... lovely one Mythreyi

  8. like the addition of spinach here...and it has mushrooms too. great

  9. Delicious and filling,looks great.

  10. Excellent omelet,love the addition of spinach here.

  11. Delicious!!! :) A perfect weekend breakfast...



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