Aug 19, 2012

Homemade Kova / Koya / Mawa

If you have to make some Indian Sweets like Carrot Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Palakova, Burfi or Peda then you definitely need the Koya as the main ingredient. in India it is easily available in most of the grocery stores similar to Paneer. But I found it is difficult to find the Mawa / Kova in the Indian stores in USA. After extensive search, disappointed as i couldn't find it in any store, and that led me to make Koya at Home. That means now I can make all the above sweets at any time...and at home. Yayyyyy!
Homemade Kowa
There are several variations to make the Koya at home. You can make with condensed milk or evaporated milk, ricotta cheese, milk powder etc. After reading some recipes, I found this recipe the best as it uses very less ingredients and it is easy to prepare and these ingredients are easily available in any USA grocery store. Here is the recipe, Enjoy!

Ricotta Cheese - 2 cups
Carnation Milk Dry Powder - 3 cups ( in India you can use Amule Milk Powder)
Butter - 2 Tbsp

* yields : 3 cups of Kova

  1. Place the  thick heavy bottom pan on stove and heat it. Add butter to it and it melts in a min.
  2. Once it melts add the Ricotta Cheese to it and start stirring slowly. The cheese melts slowly and starts forming the liquid.
  3. Then add the Carnation Dry Milk Powder slowly in increments  and stirring with spatula.
  4. (Make sure that it won't stick to the bottom and lumps should not form) Mix it thoroughly until it becomes like small granules ( or becomes like a cookie dough). It took me 7 to 8 minutes to get this consistency. 

Switch off the heat and let it cool. Once it completely cools, put it in the ziploc and freeze it. Whenever you need to make Burfi sweet and thaw it start using the Freshly Home made Kova in your sweets.

Will post the Chocolate Burfi I made with this Homemade Kowa soon...:-)

take care until we meet here again..


  1. Thanks a lot for posting this useful method to prepare kova.

  2. nicely made, sure does taste better than store bought. Recently I happened to see mawa in my asian stores just where they keep paneer. Just thought of sharing incase you want to purchase sometime later

    1. Thanks for tip Shweta, will look for it next time in my grocery shopping...

  3. Always wanted to try this at home... Nice post

  4. this post is a great help... over here in London we don't get kova and i wanted to try gulab jamuns with kova and i almost left the idea behind since kova was not available.. now got a super good excuse to make sweets :P... you will be the reason for me to add the additional pounds... :-(

    1. lol.. well, Priya Dear! i always suggest eat everything in moderation... some times sugars and fat are good to make your metabolism work and keep it at high.... waiting for your sweets recipes though, bring them on....:-)

  5. nice idea and a useful post too

  6. Wat a short cut and interesting koya, definitely useful for many of us.

  7. That's unique way of making Instant Khoya. I always buy frozen mawa from Indian Grocery store. I should give it a try some time. I think both costs almost same. Then why not make fresh at home. So no more frozen one. Thanks for Sharing. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing, such an informative post and homemade is always better!

  9. This is the same as Khoya, is it..or is Koya a different thing?



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