Sep 2, 2012

Almond Biscotti ( Step - by - Step)

Who doesn't like some Biscotti that are dry, crunchy and crisp, better than cookie and when you dip them in coffee or serve them on the side of some ice cream or warm milk... then it sounds even better, right!. Today I am featuring one of that kind 'Almond Biscotti' here. Njoy!
Almond Biscotti
Noni's Almond Biscotti  is all-time favorite at our home. Usually we get it from our fav grocery store from Costco and it's a treat for Abhi and Anvi anytime. VJ and me enjoy it with afternoon tea or coffee  and during weekends, when kids nap, having this small pleasure become luxury ritual for us. And the Costco's version comes with the chocolaty bottom, which I don't like as it is little sweeter than the rest, while VJ (die-hard choco fan) completely indulges in it (It's like we contradict but complement each other, may be that's what i like about it.).When I was in India, one day these memories spur and i super craved for these biscotti, though I have seen some versions in hyper marts there but they didn't look the same and didn't convince me to buy. So, what else i left with other than making it by myself.... That is even great, I can make it according to my liking means more nuts and less chocolate. 

I used to think, there is a lot effort and fancy ingredients involved in this recipe in order to make this, but I was quite wrong, and it is super easy to make, check out the recipe here :-)

Adapted From : Smitten Kitchen

All Purpose Flour - 3 cup
Baking Powder - 1 Tbsp
salt - 1 tsp
sugar - 1 1/2 cup
Butter - 1 stick (unsalted) ( 10 Tbsp)
eggs - 3
vanilla extract - 1 Tbsp ( or Almond Extract)
Almonds - 1 Cup ( toasted and chopped)

Milk - 1 Tbsp ( to brush on top for glaze)

Preparatory Steps:
Position the rack in center of oven and pre-heat to 350 F. Spread some PAM oil on the Baking tray.


Melt the Butter in microwave.

Add 3 eggs to, melted butter. one at a time. Add Vanilla Extract and Whisk well with mixer.

Add sugar and blend it well, until all the sugar melts. (if your sugar is more like granules, then roughly powder it in the mixie or grinder ahead) 

Mix baking powder and Flour. Add the flour mixture and mix it well.

add chopped Almonds to the mixture.

Divide this into 2 parts. and spread it on Baking Tray. And Brush on top with Milk. ( this helps to get the glaze)

Bake this for 30 minutes.

Take it out form the oven and Let it cool completely. (for about 25 min)

Chop it slightly Diagonally (length-wise) into 1 inch wide sticks. and again bake them for 8 min on each edge until the edges turn into golden color and become crisp outside.

Serve them with Coffee for Big People and on the side with Milk for Little People.

When Abhi see me posting this, he is excited that Mama is making another batch of Biscotti. Now I got to make one more batch not to disappoint my little man! :-)

Last but not least, I am so excited to announce that this is my 200th post. means, there are already 200 recipes that are out there on Yum! Yum! Yum!, cruise around here and check them all at your convenience.

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Have a Great Weekend you all!


  1. looks so yummy..I need few sticks

  2. Crunchy n yummy biscotti... all time favie

  3. Something about the Almond biscotti. I love it when they are baked once or twice. Cannot beat their taste.

  4. Delicious biscotti.

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  5. Very crispy...

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  6. Well done, fabulous looking biscottis..

  7. Hi Mythreyi,
    Thanks for submitting it to the event. I am having some problem at the post for bake fest. I do not know how to fix the display of entries there. Can you help me?



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