Sep 9, 2012

Chocolate Burfi

As I perfected the Kova/Mawa at home recently, it's not right, if i don't put that to use. What do you say! Today I am presenting a Burfi sweet that is made with Kowa and now you can make at home. It looks like the one that you will see in the sweet shops (in India) but tastes better as you will use all the ingredients fresh. Today this burfi came out so good that my family and friends did not believe that this is homemade. This is so soft and melts in your mouth and the addition of chocolate did the favor for my chocolate lover at home. ;-)

Chocolate Burfi
Recipe Source: Spiceup the Curry

Mawa(Kova) - 3 cups
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Milk - 1/3 cup
Coca Powder - 2 Tbsp
Cashews - 20 ( for decorating)

Preparatory Steps:
Grease the Burfi pan with Oil. I have sprayed some PAM oil in my 9*5 inch loaf pan.


Heat the Kova in a non-stick sauce pan. It looks like crumbles in the beginning.

After some time it starts melting. Now add the Milk, followed by Sugar. Mix well and heat until it 
thickens. ( 4 to 5 min). Make sure you stir continuously, so that it won't stick to the bottom.

Switch off the stove and Take half the mixture and spread it in the loaf pan.

In the remaining half, add the cocoa powder and mix well that no lumps forms.

Now spread this mixture on top of plain burfi layer in the loaf pan.  Arrange the cashew nuts on top. (or you can chop the nuts and spread them on top)

Let it cool completely and let the burfi set. (Here it is very hot and summer in Texas, so I put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour in order to cool it.)

Once it sets, and cut them into even squares and Impress your family and guests.

I have made this for recent Raksha Bandhan Day where the tradition is, sister ties a rakhi to her brother and offers him sweets and brother promises to protect her for life.

Will be back with one more cool recipe, Have a Good Night!


  1. Yummy dessert.. will try

  2. lov lik burfi .... u made it really nice...

  3. Looks good. Would be great if you can post the calorie value.

  4. yummy, perfectly made barfis.....

    Today's recipe:

  5. Can i get a slice rite now,irresistible burfi.

  6. wow love this burfi very much dear.... i need it now itself...bookmarked it...

  7. Replies
    1. I am flattered... I ship some to you dear! :-)

  8. Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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