Oct 14, 2012

Easy Chicken Rice (No Oil)

Today I have come up with this healthy recipe with no intentions at all. and it turned out to be soo good and tasty, the taste almost resembled Jambalaya rice (cajun rice dish).
Easy Chicken Rice ( close to Jambalaya Rice )
I have to tell you how I ended up coming up with this recipe,.... Usually I get the Whole Chicken-cut up and marinate with spices and seasonings and box it, store in refrigerator. When ever I have to make chicken curry or chicken dish I will take it out one day before and will cook it accordingly.In this way,  the chicken is marinated with enough spices, for longer time will add great taste to your chicken dishes, (well, I have just shared my secret then!!..). But today while doing that process, I have some extra chicken that did not fit in the box. So I have started to make something out of it... and it turned into this easy and healthy Chicken Rice!..   I do agree that 'Necessity is the mother of Invention!' but some times with out any necessity also, you will end up creating recipes in the situations like this.. ! Well, enough of my story and here is the recipe, Njoy!

For marination:
Chicken - 1/2 lb ( whole cut up, with bones)
Turmeric - 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder - 2 tsp
salt - 1 tsp
ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
coriander powder - 1 tsp
Yogurt - 1/2 cup

For Rice:
Cooked White Rice - 3 cups
Onion - 1/2 medium ( white or red)
Green Chili - 2 to 3
Green Bell Pepper (capsicum) - 1 
Tomato - 1
Cilantro - 1 Tbsp (coriander leaves)
Garam masala - 1 tsp
salt - 1 tsp

take a close peek...
Preparatory Steps:
Take a medium bowl and mix yogurt with the spices (the list under Marination). Add chicken to it and mix it well, until the chicken pieces are coated with the marination mixture. Close the lid and set this aside for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Take a non stick (deep) pan and heat it on medium to low heat.
  2. Add the marinated chicken to the pan and close the lid. The chicken gets cooked on slow heat and first the water will come out and then after 10 min, you will notice the oil coming from that too. ( The chicken has enough fat already in it to be cooked).
  3. Now add the chopped green chili and onion to the chicken. Cook along with the chicken for 5 min. 
  4. Add Chopped Bell Pepper and tomato (chop into medium size pieces), Cilantro to the pan. Add the garam masala and mix it well and cook for 5 min. 
  5. Now add the Rice to the pan and mix it very well, adjust the seasonings and add salt accordingly.
  6. Now cover the lid and cook on low for another 10 minutes. and switch off the heat and server warm.
I packed for VJ in his lunch box and he loved it, But make sure to remove any bones from it before packing it so it won't be embarrassing in front of colleagues. 

Today I have served this along with some vegetable saute (cabbage, carrot, pepper stir fry) to make it a complete meal... :-)
  • There is already enough oil and fat in the chicken for it be cooked, With out realizing it, we add lot of oil to our chicken dishes to add taste to it but it adds lot of calories also. 
  • That's why today we did not use any oil in this recipe, with out convincing on the flavors and taste and still healthy.
  • This dish needs to cooked on medium to low heat, this is very critical to spread the chicken and seasoning flavors to rice.
Will be back with one more new recipe..Enjoy until then!


  1. Cant imagine cooking foods especially rice without oil, chicken rice looks irresistible.

  2. Chicken rice looks so tempting and inviting too. Very good idea of using no-oil preparation. Love it.

    Today's recipe:

  3. Nice oil free recipe .healthy dish

  4. What a nice combo without oil! Excellent recipe!



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