Dec 22, 2014

Banana Blueberry Smoothie ~ NutriBullet Shakes

With my sister's motivation finally I have bought NutriBullet juicer for this Thanksgiving! Though I am not big into juicing, I just bought this with the intention to make Carrot and Beet juice. I have tried some combinations with variety of fruits and veggies and amazed with this little bullet (600 w motor) performance! I have to admit that not every combination will turn out good and tasty. Hence I have started making a list of Shakes, Smoothies and Juices that are really tasty and delicious, so that you and me can make those combinations again and again with out any hesitation! :-)

Today I have tried this smoothie with only fruits, it is so tasty, here is the recipe, njoy!

Banana - 1
Blueberries - 1/3 cup
Oranges - 1/3 cup (I have used cuties, peeled)
Almonds - 5 (raw)
Milk - 1/3 cup
Water - 1/3 cup

Place peeled banana, blueberries, peeled oranges, almonds in the bullet cup. Close the lid tight and process for 30 sec until everything pulverized. Now add milk and pulse for another 30 sec. Add water and pulse for 30 sec, now your smoothie is ready.

Pour this into a tall glass and enjoy every single bit of it! 

Will be back with another Healthy Recipe,
Until then take care, bye!


  1. this is a healthy smoothie...Good way to have few fruits in a cup.Looks delicious and creamy!



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