Dec 29, 2010

Homemade Veggie Patties

I have seen so many times on the food network and online to make the veggie patties at home, but never tried them. When i made the Vegetable balls the left overs mixture inspire me to turn them into veggie patties. My husband loved them and here is the recipe for you Enjoy!!

Potatoes - 3 Medium
Sweet Potato - 1 Medium
Peas - 1/2 Cup Frozen
Carrots - 3 medium
Long Squash - 1/2 Medium size
Cumin Seeds - 1/4 tsp
Cashew Nuts - 1 Tbsp
Chili Powder - 1 Tsp
Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
Black Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
All Purpose Flour - 1 Tbsp
Egg - 1
Oil - 1 Tbsp
Coriander Powder - 1/4 Cups


  • Take water in a big bowl and boil the Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes for 13 minutes in the microwave. 
  • Mean while grate carrots and long squash and keep them separately. 
  • Once the potatoes are cooled, grate the Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes keep them aside.


  1. Heat Oil in the pan, once the oil is hot add Cumin Seeds an followed by cashew nuts.
  2. As they started browning add Grated Carrots. Squeeze the grated Long squash and take out the excess water and add that to the pan. Saute them for 5 min until the raw smell goes away.
  3. Add Chili Powder, Coriander Powder and Salt to the mixture in the pan. Saute for another 3 min until the spices sink into veggies. Now add grated potato and coriander leaves to the pan.
  4. Mix everything well until combine and switch off the stove.
  5. In a small bowl whisk egg and add to mixture followed by all purpose flour and mix well. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.
  6. Take handful of mixture and make into the ball and press it like a patty.
  7. Take Pan and on medium heat , take 1 tbsp of oil in it. once the oil is hot place the patties. after 5 minutes Turn them and let them cook on the other side ( until they get roasted). Take off from heat and let them cool. 
  8. Arrange them on the burger buns or sandwich bread top with onions and tomato and serve with chips.

Enjoy this Yummy Yummy Veggie Burger made fresh at home. And also I have saved the rest of the patties in the freezer, when ever you think of Veggie Burger now you know they are 2 minutes away. And these are yummy for your little tummies too.

Serving Tip:   I always use 15 Grain sandwich bread (each slice has 5g protein) . 

Nutrition Info:  You  will be serving 15g protein and 2 servings of vegetables with this dish. 


  • Egg and APF acts as Binding agent in this recipe. They will keep the patties together with out falling. 
  • If you want o substitute eggs, you can add 1 bread slice ( instead of egg + APF)


  1. how can i substitute egg in this receipe

    1. Eggs acts as a binding agent in this recipe. You can substitute eggs + APF with a Bread Slice.



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